Councillors Carl Les (Chair), Gareth Dadd (Vice-Chair), Derek Bastiman, David Chance, Michael Harrison, Andrew Lee, Don Mackenzie, Patrick Mulligan, Janet Sanderson and Greg White.


Tuesday 21st September 2021


11.00 am


Remote meeting held via Microsoft Teams


Under his delegated decision making powers in the Officers’ Delegation Scheme in the Council’s Constitution, the Chief Executive Officer has power, in cases of emergency, to take any decision which could be taken by the Council, the Executive or a committee. Following on from the expiry of the Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, which allowed for committee meetings to be held remotely, the County Council resolved at its meeting on 5 May 2021 that, for the present time, in light of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic circumstances, remote live-broadcast committee meetings should continue (as informal meetings of the Committee Members), with any formal decisions required being taken by the Chief Executive Officer under his emergency decision making powers and after consultation with other Officers and Members as appropriate and after taking into account any views of the relevant Committee Members. This approach will be reviewed in September 2021.


The meeting will be available to view once the meeting commences, via the following link -    Recordings of previous live broadcast meetings are also available there.












Minutes of the Meeting held on 31 August 2021


(Pages 5 - 10)




Declarations of Interest






Public Questions and Statements



Members of the public may ask questions or make statements at this meeting if they have given notice to Melanie Carr of Democratic and Scrutiny Services and supplied the text (contact details below) by midday on Thursday 16 September 2021, three working days before the day of the meeting.  Each speaker should limit themselves to 3 minutes on any item.  Members of the public who have given notice will be invited to speak:-


·            at this point in the meeting if their questions/statements relate to matters which are not otherwise on the Agenda (subject to an overall time limit of 30 minutes);

·            when the relevant Agenda item is being considered if they wish to speak on a matter which is on the Agenda for this meeting.

If you are exercising your right to speak at this meeting, but do not wish to be recorded, please inform the Chairman who will instruct anyone who may be taking a recording to cease while you speak.





Lowering the age range of Barrowcliff Community Primary School to 2-11

(Pages 11 - 30)



Executive Members are asked to note the contents of this report, and to recommend to the Chief Executive Officer that using his emergency powers he approve that:

i.     Proposals and statutory notices be published on 1 October to lower the school age range of Barrowcliff Community Primary School from 1 January 2022.

ii.     The Executive schedule taking a final decision on these proposals on 23 November 2021.





Strategic Review of the Outdoor Learning Service

(Pages 31 - 40)



Executive Members are asked to note the contents of this report, and to recommend to the Chief Executive Officer that using his emergency powers he:

i)     Approve in principle the redevelopment of Bewerley Park in two phases, with a new accommodation block in phase 1 funded by a policy investment and the central hub and further accommodation in phase 2 linked to recommendation v.

ii)    Approve in principle improvements at East Barnby to ensure facilities are of a standard which can maintain existing customers and grow the customer base.

iii)    Approve an investment of up to £400,000 for the Outdoor Learning Service alongside the Property Service, Procurement and the North Yorkshire consultancy ‘Align Property Partners’, to move to full business case to include:

·       draw up detailed designs for capital work at both sites

·       investigate and apply for any required planning permission

·       undertake any surveys necessary in securing planning permission

·       go to the market for tenders for the proposed building work

iv)   Offer the Outdoor Learning Service the opportunity to prove it can operate as an efficient service with a commercial ethos by undertaking the following:

·       Implement a new Outdoor Learning Strategy which includes marketing and business development

·       Recruitment to key posts in the service leadership team

·       Evidence of an increase in engagement with customers and external organisations, where permitted.

·       Evidence of investigating commercial opportunities

·       Evidence of seeking out other funding streams

v)    Invites the service to return with a full business case, to agree the implementation of phase 1.





Response to Rural Commission report

(Pages 41 - 52)



Executive Members are asked to note the contents of the report, and recommend to the Chief Executive Officer that using his emergency powers he consider and agree a response to the report of the North Yorkshire Rural Commission, based on the draft set out in section 3 of the report.





York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership Strategy 2021-26

(Pages 53 - 90)



Executive Members are asked to note the report, and to recommend to the Chief Executive Officer that using his emergency powers he approve adoption of the 2021-2026 York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership Strategy.





County Council's response to proposed Warding arrangements for the new Unitary Council

(Pages 91 - 132)


Purpose: This report seeks to inform the Executive Members, and asks the Leader to:

(a)   Approve the submission of interim Ward boundaries for the new North Yorkshire Council for consideration by the Secretary of State.

(b)   Approve a response to questions that are being asked prior to the drafting of the Structural Changes Order.





Forward Plan


(Pages 133 - 142)




Other business which the Leader agrees should be considered as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances




Contact Details


Enquiries relating to this agenda please contact Melanie Carr Tel: 01609 533849 or e-mail:






Barry Khan

Assistant Chief Executive

(Legal and Democratic Services)


County Hall



13 September 2021




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