Notice of a public meeting of

Selby and Ainsty Area Constituency Committee




Councillors  Karl Arthur, Stephanie Duckett, Mel Hobson, Mike Jordan, Andrew Lee, Cliff Lunn, Don MacKay, John McCartney, Richard Musgrave, Andy Paraskos, Chris Pearson  Cliff Trotter; together with Co-opted Member, Howard Ferguson.


Friday, 24th September, 2021


10.00 am


Remote Meeting via Microsoft Teams


Under his delegated decision making powers in the Officers’ Delegation Scheme in the Council’s

Constitution, the Chief Executive Officer has power, in cases of emergency, to take any decision

which could be taken by the Council, the Executive or a committee. Following on from the expiry of

the Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and

Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, which allowed for

committee meetings to be held remotely, the County Council resolved at its meeting on 5 May

2021 that, for the present time, in light of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic circumstances, remote

live-broadcast committee meetings should continue, with any formal decisions required being

taken by the Chief Executive Officer under his emergency decision making powers and after

consultation with other Officers and Members as appropriate and after taking into account any

views of the relevant Committee Members. This approach was reviewed by full Council at its July

meeting and will be subject to a further review at the County Council Meeting in November.


The meeting will be available to view once the meeting commences, via the following link -  Recordings of previous live broadcast meetings are also

available there.






Appointment of Chairman and Vice-Chairman for remainder of 2021/22






Welcome by the Chairman - Introductions, Apologies and Updates






Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th June 2021


(Pages 3 - 16)




Declarations of Interest






Presentation by the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner - Mr Philip Allott


(Pages 17 - 34)




Public Questions or Statements




Members of the public may ask questions or make statements at this meeting if they

have given notice and provided the text to Stephen Loach of Democratic Services

(contact details below) no later than midday on Tuesday 21 September 2021. Each speaker should limit themselves to 3 minutes on any item. Members of the public who have given notice will be invited to speak:-


at this point in the meeting if their questions/statements relate to matters which are not

otherwise on the Agenda (subject to an overall time limit of 30 minutes);


when the relevant Agenda item is being considered.





COVID 19 - Executive Update - Verbal update by Executive Members






Rural Commission - Findings and Recommendations - Report presented by the Assistant Director - Policy, Partnerships and Communities


(Pages 35 - 78)




Selby District Places and Movement Study - Report of Transport Planning, Highways and Transportation


(Pages 79 - 114)




A19 Repairs - Final Update - Verbal report of the Area Highways Manager






Selby and Ainsty Area Constituency Committee Work Programme - Report of the Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services)


(Pages 115 - 120)




Next Meeting




Friday 14th January 2022 at 10am





Other business which the Chairman agrees should be considered as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances.






Barry Khan

Assistant Chief Executive

(Legal and Democratic Services)

County Hall



16 September 2021



For all enquiries relating to this agenda or to register to speak at the meeting, please contact Stephen Loach, Democratic Services Officer on Tel: 01609 532216 or by e-mail at:




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