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Standards Committee


Remote Meeting via Microsoft Teams


Thursday, 4 March 2021


3.30 pm

County Councillors:-

Caroline Patmore (Chair), Andy Paraskos, Stuart Parsons, Peter Sowray MBE and Cliff Trotter.

Independent Persons for Standards:-

Hilary Gilberstson MBE (Independent Person) and Louise Holroyd (Independent Person).


Pursuant to The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, this meeting will be held using video conferencing with a live broadcast to the Council’s YouTube site.  Further information on this is available on the committee pages on the Council website -


The meeting will be available to view once the meeting commences, via the following link -






Welcome, introductions and apologies






Minutes of the Meeting held on 18 September 2020


(Pages 3 - 6)




Declarations of Interest






Public Questions or Statements




Members of the public may ask questions or make statements at this meeting if they have given notice to Steve Loach (contact details below) by midday Monday 1 March 2021.  Each speaker should limit themselves to 3 minutes on any item.  Members of the public who have given notice will be invited to speak:-


·          at this point in the meeting if their questions/statements relate to matters which are not otherwise on the Agenda (subject to an overall time limit of 30 minutes);


·          when the relevant Agenda item is being considered if they wish to speak on a             matter which is on the Agenda for this meeting.





New Voluntary Model Code of Conduct for Members - Report of the Monitoring Officer


(Pages 7 - 46)




Local Ethical Framework Developments - Report of the Monitoring Officer


(Pages 47 - 50)




Complaints Update - Report of the Monitoring Officer


(Pages 51 - 52)




Members Attendance at Meetings - Report of the Monitoring Officer


(Pages 53 - 62)




Standards Bulletin - Report of the Monitoring Officer


(Pages 63 - 70)




Other business which the Chairman agrees should be considered as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances.






Barry Khan

Assistance Chief Executive

(Legal and Democratic Services)


County Hall



24 February 2021



For all enquiries relating to this agenda or to register to speak at the meeting, please contact Stephen Loach, Democratic Services Officer on Tel: 01609 532216 or by e-mail at:





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