Local Government North Yorkshire and York


Minutes of the remote meeting held on Friday, 17th March, 2023 commencing at 3.00 pm.


This meeting was live broadcast and a recording is available using the following link - https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/live-meetings


Present: Councillor Carl Les in the Chair and Councillor Keith Aspden, Mr Jim Bailey and Councillors Mark Crane, Richard Foster and Dinah Keal.


Chief Executives/Deputies in attendance:   David Butterworth, Tony Clark, Nick Edwards, Richard Flinton, Rachel Joyce, Paul Shevlin, Pauline Stuchfield and Margaret Wallace.


Other Attendees: James Farrar, Barry Khan and Ruth Gladstone.


Apologies: Councillors Richard Cooper and Mark Robson and Mr Neil Heseltine.  Stacey Burlet, Ian Floyd, Tom Hind, Dr Justin Ives, Wallace Sampson OBE and Janet Waggott.



Copies of all documents considered are in the Minute Book





Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.






Minutes of the Meeting held on 9 December 2022 and Matters Arising


Resolved –


That the Minutes of the meeting held on 9 December 2022 be taken as read and be confirmed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.






Devolution Update


Considered:  The report of James Farrar (Chief Operating Officer of the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership) which advised of progress made in implementing the York and North Yorkshire devolution deal.  The report covered:- governance; brownfield funding and net zero investment; and wider asks implementation.


Resolved –


That the progress in implementing devolution be noted.






North Yorkshire Council - Arrangements for 1 April 2023


Considered:  The oral report of Richard Flinton which advised of work being undertaken to replace the County Council and the seven District and Borough Councils in North Yorkshire with one unitary council on 1 April 2023.  He highlighted that this was a major piece of work and that the main priority for 1 April 2023 was to make sure there was strong service continuity for residents and businesses.  Richard Flinton paid tribute to the work performed by staff across all councils and particularly that undertaken by the District Council Chief Executives who had worked hard on leading workstreams, engaging their staff, and making sure the local government reorganisation process went as smoothly as possible, whilst also providing important in-sight.  County Councillor Carl Les endorsed Richard Flinton’s comments.


Resolved –


That the report be noted.






Future of Local Government North Yorkshire and York


Considered:  The oral report of Richard Flinton which advised that, due to the nature of the change in local government, this was likely to be the last meeting of LGNYY.  LGNYY had first been formed in 2009 and had worked largely through consensus.  Its role was the coordination and enhancement of cooperation across the local government sector in North Yorkshire and York, very much focussing on economic opportunities where councils could work together, along with the National Parks, to ensure a coherent way of operating in the county and city area.  Richard Flinton outlined what might follow after LGNYY both at political and officer levels.  He thanked LGNYY for working closely together, which had enabled the co-ordination of activities across the local government sector in North Yorkshire and York.


City Councillor Keith Aspden advised that he had always enjoyed working with colleagues across York and North Yorkshire.  He added that he looked forward to seeing York and North Yorkshire going from strength to strength in the future.


County Councillor Carl Les thanked everyone for attending this meeting and, more importantly, for their attendance and contributions over the previous 12 to 13 years.  He added that, even when Members had disagreed, it had been a pleasure to work with people for the benefit of residents.  County Councillor Carl Les highlighted that achievements had been made, especially with the consensus approach which LGNYY had had most of the time.  He wished everyone well in the future.


Resolved –


That the report be noted.





The meeting concluded at 3.20 pm.



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