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Tuesday, 7 March 2023 / 1.00 pm






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Items for Executive Member decision




Nuffield Foundation research Project: Care leavers (Pages 3 - 22)


To accept the £135,00 grant funding from the Department for Education for delivery of this digital and data grant programme.


(Pages 3 - 22)





Consultation on closure of Children’s Centres (Children & Families Hubs) (Pages 23 - 44)


To seek approval to commence a public consultation on the de-commissioning and closure of five designated Children’s Centres.


(Pages 23 - 44)





Special Free School Programme – Acceptance of conditions (Pages 45 - 54)


To seek Executive Member approval, following a successful application to the Department for Education, to accept the conditions offered to establish a new Special Free School in Northallerton at the Grammar School Lane site, This matter is being considered by the Executive Member for Education and Skills,  after consultation with the Corporate Director Children and Young people’s Services under the Executive Member’s urgency powers in paragraph 14 of the Executive Members’ Delegation Scheme.


(Pages 45 - 54)




Items for Corporate Director decision




Music Service Fees 2023/24 (Pages 55 - 58)


To seek approval for the scale of fees for parents and schools for financial year 2023/24


(Pages 55 - 58)





Early Years Provider Funding Rates 2023/24 (Pages 59 - 92)


To agree recommendations to change the funding rates paid to early years’ providers for the funded entitlement for 3 & 4 year olds and disadvantaged 2 year olds for the 2023/24 financial year.


(Pages 59 - 92)





High Needs Budget 2023-24 (Pages 93 - 106)


To approve the proposed high needs block budget


(Pages 93 - 106)




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Janet Sanderson

Annabel Wilkinson

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