Notice of a public meeting of

Strategic Planning Committee




Councillors Andy Brown, Tom Jones, Andrew Lee, John Mann, Steve Mason, John McCartney, Bob Packham (Vice-Chair), Andy Paraskos (Chair), Yvonne Peacock, Neil Swannick, Roberta Swiers, Richard Foster, Hannah Gostlow and David Hugill.


Tuesday, 9th April, 2024


10.00 am


The Grand Meeting Room, County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 8AD

Members of the public are entitled to attend this meeting as observers for all those items taken in open session. Please contact Louise Hancock or Stephen Loach of Democratic Services (contact details below) if you have any queries. Recording is allowed at Council, committee and sub-committee meetings which are open to the public. Please give due regard to the Council’s protocol on audio/visual recording and photography at public meetings. Anyone wishing to record is asked to contact, prior to the start of the meeting, the named democratic services officer supporting this committee. We ask that any recording is clearly visible to anyone at the meeting and that it is non-disruptive.


The Council operates a scheme for public speaking at planning committee meetings. Normally the following people can speak at planning committee in relation to any specific application on the agenda: a speaker representing the applicant, a speaker representing the objectors, a parish council representative and the local Division councillor. Each speaker has a maximum of three minutes to put their case. If you wish to register to speak through this scheme, then please notify Louise Hancock or Stephen Loach of Democratic Services (contact details below) by midday on Thursday 4th April 2024 If you are exercising your right to speak at this meeting, but do not wish to be recorded, please inform the Chairman who will instruct anyone who may be taking a recording to cease while you speak.


The meeting will be available to view live through the following link - 

Recordings of previous live broadcast meetings are also available there






Chair's welcome, introductions and apologies






Minutes of the meeting held on 12th March 2024


(Pages 3 - 10)




Declarations of Interest






ZG2023/1263/FULM - Planning application for the erection of Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) school at land to the south of Hull Road, Osgodby, Selby.


(Pages 11 - 38)




Such other business as, in the opinion of the Chairman should, by reason of special circumstances, be considered as a matter of urgency






Barry Khan

Assistant Chief Executive

(Legal and Democratic Services)

County Hall



28th March 2024




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