I am writing to you as Chairman of Brompton Town Council and with the full support of the Councillors of Brompton Town Council ahead of NYCCs Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday 10th January 2022

A few months ago, Brompton Town Council passed a motion that it would like to support the campaign – 20’s PLENTY.

20’s Plenty is a national organisation that campaigns for a 20mph speed limit in place of existing 30mph limits.

Brompton Town Council has joined a long list of Parish and Town Council in England and Wales that supports this campaign

It has been proven that being hit by a vehicle at 30mph is equivalent to falling a drop of 8.8 metres whereas at 20mph the distances are 3.6 metres - an equivalent of one storey and therefore survivable.

20mph helps to create places where human activity, including walking, cycling and social interaction, takes precedence over traffic. 20mph reduces CO2 emissions by 26% and NOx by 28% compared with 30mph and is 50% quieter. Ties in closely with other policies to address climate change, improve air quality and enable more people to walk and cycle – especially for short journeys

NYCC can refuse applications for 20mph speed limits from communities as it has traditionally taken the view that all 20mph zones require traffic-calming measures.

Requests for 20mph zones are in general turned down as there are not the finances in place to undertake the accompanying traffic calming.

Default 20mph limits without traffic calming is a cost effective and an effective way of bringing speeds down on roads that NYCC has disregarded. 20mph zones only require signs and cost less than traffic calming measures

I would ask that this situation be changed as there is no logical reason for traffic calming to accompany 20mph zones as proper advance signing will suffice.

The one-off cost of implementation of £2.4m will give rise to savings of £3.4m that is spent on casualties annually.

Why not let individual Parishes determine where they wish to see their 20mph zones to be placed, i understand that there are Central Government monies available to help

Brompton Town Council and the residents of Brompton urge NYCC to adopt this policy and work closely with Parishes to bring about a change to make our roads as safer place for us all to live in




Maria Shiel Dods

Brompton Town Council