Observations and/or suggestions:


Why can’t the older children filter out of woodfield if it’s only going to be use for nursery in 2022? After the past 2 years the children have had I think the uproot out of a school the love and know is NOT got for the mental Health and a total disregard for the children and parents of woodfield


I've read that if the sites merge then Woodfield would eventually be used for nursery and KS1 children. I think this is an excellent idea, I hope that the playing fields are kept.  Grove Road is more suitable for older children and  maybe part of Grove Road could be used as offices or specialist units.

My son attended Woodfield and I attended Grove Road

Whereas I feel that an amalgamation is a valid proposal, I feel it would be more beneficial to move Grove Road school to the Woodfield site and take back the offices that were originally part of Woodfield. Grove Road site is not fit for purpose - there is very limited outdoor area and the children are being exposed to pollution from the constant stream of traffic.  The lack of parking causes problems for local businesses and residents plus families sit in their cars with their engines running adding to the pollution.  For the whole of Grove Road to have access to the grounds at Woodfield would be highly beneficial - the learning and social opportunities are huge. By just using the Woodfield site it would mean that the walking bus wouldn't be needed - in principal this idea would work but in reality it would be a logistical nightmare - if children are late and dropped to one school but one child needs to be at the other site who would manage this. Staffing a walking bus would require at least 4 staff - 2 from each site and would require parents to drop their children at the requested time.


I think this is a great opportunity for both schools to benefit from what the other has to offer. Strong leadership/highly experienced teachers/support staff/large open grassy areas/newer building

School support staff

Our daughter will start school next year and I want my child to go to Grove Road School, not Woodfield site. We live in close distance to Grove Road School and I am not happy to walk her 30min to and then 30min from school instead of 5 min. I don't find walking bus a good decision. This will result in more cars on the road and bad traffic. Our family really hope that this amalgamate never happen,  other wise our and many parents I know will choice there kids to go to  St Peters School, because that is the only school for people living in the town centre and have kids in Reception  and Key Stage 1.


Whilst I understand that the technical closure of Woodfield is difficult for everybody concerned, I firmly believe it is the only option available in order to secure education on the Woodfield site. Without this option I fear that Woodfield would close and no education would exist on this site. Having been involved with Woodfield for two years as the Interim Executive Headteacher I feel that this is the best option for the pupils and preserving the education on this site.

Interim Executive Headteacher

I think the opportunities the amalgamation will provide to our community and children will be unprecedented. It is an exceptionally rare and exciting time, and I believe the benefits to our current pupils and prospective ones will be enormous.

TA and parent

The idea of a family having 2 children at 2 different sites will not work for families who are currently at grove road school. The thought of a walking bus and drop off at the one school will not work and I fear a huge safety issue and confusion for the children partially in bad weather staff shortages were to arise.


Having been a parent of a sen child at woodfield nearly 3 years ago spanning 6yrs I saw the decline in leadership and poor care of my child's needs in that time blocking him from accessing an ehcp, and was all down to staff just fundamentally not knowing how to apply for one or get specialist support/ advice and then follow that advice. We left this school because we were tired of fighting and getting nowhere. Grove Rd is an amazing school and they saved my boy. The knowledge on send is outstanding at Grove Rd, from day one my son was supported, there was no more fighting. As a parent of more than 1 send child this is invaluable, we already are under so much stress, and deal with an immense level of send admin caring for our kiddos, Grove Rd will be a huge asset to the woodfield site, the site itself is wonderful and will provide a fantastic green space for Grove Roaders. Grove Rd has a strong and supportive leadership team which is what Woodfield school has been in dyer need of for at least 6 years.  I admit when I heard of this amalgamation idea I panicked as our experience was not good, but taking away the past poor leadership and horrific send provision and understanding that Grove Road will take it over settled my worry. I've no doubt under Grove Rd leadership woodfield site will become a thriving and flourished school again with huge opportunities for Grove Rd to expand and provide their wonderful support to more SEND children in the community desperately needing a safe welcoming and inclusive school to attend where they are being let down by others or having already fallen through the cracks. I have 2 younger children in ks1 at Grove Rd who love it and are both being supported and feel safe.

Parent of 2 Grove Rd children.

I am concerned that the amalgamation may stretch teacher/staff and financial capacity to an extent that may become detrimental to Grove road school. Birth rates are declining and I'm aware that new parents are reconsidering applying for GR as it will be a split site school (data that you may already be aware of with the applications received this month). These factors may impact on achieving the PAN needed to financially support both sites.  Grove road is an amazing school which attracts families from very diverse backgrounds with varying levels of need, I am concerned that some of the families that you assume will want to attend GR from Woodfield school may not be as keen to do so.  I think the outside space available at Woodfield would be an amazing asset to the school and having nursery in the same building as reception and KS1 has many advantages too. Within the GR site having space to develop additional sensory areas and quiet working spaces would be amazing, but my biggest concern is that if the number of children isn't achieved there will be no money to develop and staff any of these things.

Past governor

I do not support the proposed amalgamation.  I have a child currently in Year 1 at Grove Road and a younger child who would be starting Grove Road nursery in September 2023. The amalgamation as proposed would result in my children never physically being at school together because they are 4 school years apart. This means juggling 2 children at 2 sites. I do not feel the walking bus is a fair option as realistically I would have to drop at Woodfield as my just turned 3 year old (August born) could not easily walk the distance and dropping at Woodfield is far less convenient. I do not consider it is fair to expect my eldest to walk from Woodfield in all weathers when we will have already walked a long distance to that point.  As a result of the proposals I feel like my daughters would essentially be at separate schools in everything but name. Had I have known of this when I chose schools, it is not an option I would have picked.  The proposal talks about the benefits, but I consider the proposals will be to the detriment of Grove road. Grove Road is an excellent school without the green space and extra facilities that Woodfield would provide. I think it will interrupt the school day ferrying children between sites and be disruptive for pupils and parents.  As a working parent I use the breakfast and after school club. It is not clear from the proposals how that would work when I have 2 children at 2 sites each needing before and after school club provision. Will I need to collect from both sites? Life as working parents is challenging enough (especially with covid disruption) without having to add to multiple pick ups.  I am currently considering moving from daughter to another school and have contacted NYCC to enquire about an in year move her. I have also spoken to a couple of other parents I know who were applying for primary places this year who had intended to put Grove Road as their 1st choice and now aren't putting it at all.

Parent of Grove Road pupil

I am against this merger.  Woodfield School's problems should not become Grove Road's problem. Woodfield school should close if it not sustainable.  Splitting Grove Road across two sites is disruptive to pupils. When I chose Grove Road for my daughter I liked the fact that it is a compact site and the feeling of community that results. That will be lost if the early years moves to the Woodfield site.  I would end up with 2 children at separate sites. This will be a huge disappointment to my eldest who will never get to see her little sister when she starts in September 2023. She is looking forward to being able to 'look out for her' which will never happen if she remains at Grove Road.  I don't see the space provided at Woodfield is a benefit. It will result in valuable school time spent switching between sites when Grove Road is a perfectly good school without the space at Woodfield.  I think the proposals will make life more difficult for parents who have children at both sites and even for staff who will become separated.  I think the proposals will effectively result in there being 2 schools (an infant and junior) that operate separately but happen to share a name.  We have recently been informed that the headmaster role is now being shared at Grove Road which I expect has been put in place to allow one head to operate from each site.  I think the amalgamation will be to the detriment of Grove Rd. I appreciate many existing Grove Rd parents will be unaffected by this change as the majority of parents will not have younger children who are due to join in the coming years and therefore existing children will be largely unaffected. My family will be hugely affected by this proposal and we will wait to see what the outcome of the consultation before we then decide whether to move our child to another school if it is to go ahead.