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Appendix C


IMPLEMENTATION EXECUTIVE - Terms of Reference and Roles and Responsibilities


Purpose: The purpose of the Implementation Executive is to provide a committee as specified in the North Yorkshire (Structural Changes) Order 2022 to have political oversight of the Implementation Programme for the creation of a unitary council for North Yorkshire. 


Role: The role of the Implementation Executive is to:


(i)         provide political support and challenge to the implementation and transition process in creating a new unitary council for North Yorkshire

(ii)        collectively have oversight of the draft Implementation Plan and the work undertaken by the Officers Implementation Team

(iii)        to carry out the functions as identified in the North Yorkshire (Structural Changes) Order 2022 as being the functions of the Implementation Executive.


Membership (and Chair):  Membership of this Implementation Executive will consist of:


(1)  10 members of North Yorkshire County Council (which will be the Leader and Executive of the County Council).

(2)    1 member from each of the seven District and Borough Councils.


Named substitutes are allowed for each of these Members.


The Implementation Executive will try and make recommendations through consensus but if a vote needs to be taken at the committee, it will be one member, one vote with the Chair having a casting vote.  Matters requiring determination will be decided by a simple majority.


The Chair will be the Leader of North Yorkshire County Council.


Objectives: To provide political oversight from all seven District and Borough Councils and the County Council in North Yorkshire of the transitional work that is required to create a new unitary authority.


Background: On the 21st July 2021, Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, approved the proposal for a North Yorkshire Unitary Council.  A Structural Changes Order will be made in March 2022 to create the joint Implementation Executive of County Councillors and District Councillors to work together to implement a new unitary council. 


Frequency of meetings:  The Implementation Executive is not envisaged meeting during the pre-election period but an emergency meeting can be held if needed.


Responsibilities The Implementation Executive’s role is to provide political oversight to oversee the management and transition of services across North Yorkshire and to fulfil all the requirements of the Implementation Executive under the Structural Changes Order.


The Implementation Executive will specifically be responsible for:


·           Providing a political steer to the Officers’ Implementation Team.


·           Collectively providing political oversight for the workstreams identified in the Implementation Plan.


·           Receiving regular updates from the Officers’ Implementation Team.


·           Ensuring that there are robust plans for a smooth transition to new service delivery arrangements.


·           Ensuring that there is adequate consultation across all eight Councils.


·           Approving the Implementation Plan.