North Yorkshire Local Access Forum


1 June 2022


Forward Plan Report





Purpose of the Report


To consider, develop and adopt a Forward Plan of items of business for future meetings.


2.0        Background


2.1       The ‘Guidance on Local Access Forums in England’ published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) strongly recommends that forums prepare a forward work programme which sets out the forum’s priorities and special areas of interest.


2.2       This can play an important role in helping the forum to:

      Ensure a focus on issues which are the most relevant for the area

      Clarify the issues on which the County Council or other section 94(4) bodies would benefit from receiving advice

      Timetable when specific matters are likely to be considered

      Inform the public about the forum’s work

      Identify training needs

      Review effectiveness and prepare an annual report.


3.0        Forward Plan


3.1       The Forward Plan is attached at Appendix A, which lists the agreed meeting dates for the coming municipal year.


3.2       The Forum meets three times a calendar year but may choose to agree further meeting dates (based on need), and may set up sub-groups to progress specific pieces of work outside of the formal meetings. 


3.3       Meeting dates for the coming municipal year are:

28 September 2022

25 January 2023

24 May 2023






Forum members are asked to note the dates of future meeting in 2022/23 and agree the work programme for those meetings, taking into account the discussions and suggestions made at this meeting.




Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services)

County Hall



Report Author: Melanie Carr, Secretary to North Yorkshire Local Access Forum


Appendix A




Forward Plan 2021/22


Date of Meeting


Standing items

·          Minutes 

·          Matters Arising

·          Public Questions and Statements

·          Consultations

·          Secretary’s Update Report

·          District Council Liaison Updates

·          Forward Plan

26 January 2022

·         Attendance of Natural England Representative - Review of new Land Management Scheme

·         Active Travel Update

·         UUR Draft Position Statement


1 June 2022

·         Attendance of a Network Rail Representative

·         An update on the Coast to Coast National Trail from Natural England

·         A presentation from National Highways on their proposed A19 Safety Improvements;

·         An update on the Definitive Map team


28 September 2022


25 January 2023


24 May 2023


Suggested Future Items

      Rights of Way Improvement Plan

      In-depth discussion on Reinstatement 

      Draft NYCC Active Travel Strategy

      ELMS Scheme Update