North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board


Minutes of the meeting held remotely, via Microsoft Teams, on Wednesday 25th May 2022

Board Members

Constituent Organisation

County Councillors

County Councillor Michael Harrison (Chair)

Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health Integration

County Councillor Janet Sanderson

Executive Member for Children and Young People’s Service

Clinical Commissioning Groups

Amanda Bloor

Accountable Officer, NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Chief Operating Officer (Designate), Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care System

Ali Jan Haider


Strategic Director, Keeping Well, NHS Bradford Craven and District CCG (substitute for Helen Hirst)

Local Authority Officers

Stuart Carlton,

Corporate Director, Children and Young People’s Service

Tony Clark

Chief Executive, Richmondshire District Council (substitute for Janet Waggott)

Louise Wallace

Director of Public Health, North Yorkshire County Council

Richard Webb

Corporate Director, Health and Adult Services, North Yorkshire County Council

Elected Member District Council Representative

Councillor Richard Foster

Leader, Craven District Council

Other Members

Ashley Green

Chief Executive, Healthwatch North Yorkshire

Jill Quinn

Chief Executive, Dementia Forward (Voluntary Sector Representative)

Jenny Sleight

NHS England and NHS  Improvement (North East and Yorkshire), (substitute for Shaun Jones)

Co-opted Members

Jonathan Foster

Chief Fire Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Naomi Lonergan

Head of Mental Health/Learning Disabilities, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys (TEWV) NHS Foundation Trust (Substitute for Brent Kilmurray)

Lisa Winward

Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Constabulary (Emergency Services Representative)


In Attendance (North Yorkshire County Council) unless stated:-

Patrick Duffy (Legal and Democratic Services), Sheila Hall, Health and Adult Services



Copies of all documents considered are in the Minute Book



1.         Welcome by the Chair


The Chair welcomed Members of the Board and any members of the public or media who may be viewing the meeting.


This is a remote meeting and he would be say more about formal/informal meetings later on the Agenda


He added that the full membership of the Board can be seen on the Council’s website and there is a report on Membership at Item 7.



2.          Appointment of Vice-Chair


The Chair advised that, as a Statutory Committee, he is the Chair by virtue of having been appointed by the County Council, but the Vice-Chair is appointed by the Board.  Amanda Bloor is the current Vice-Chair.


            On being nominated and seconded, it was


            Resolved -


            That Amanda Bloor be appointed Vice-Chair of the Board.


3.         Minutes


            Resolved -


            That the Minutes of the meeting held on 18th March 2022 be approved as an accurate record.


4.         Apologies for absence


            Apologies for absence were submitted by:


·           Wendy Balmain, North Yorkshire Place Director, Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care System

·           Jonathan Coulter, Chief Executive, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

·           Richard Flinton, Chief Executive, North Yorkshire Council

·           Helen Hirst, Accountable Officer, NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG

·           Shaun Jones, Interim Locality Director, NHS England and NHS  Improvement (North East and Yorkshire)

·           Brent Kilmurray, Chief Executive, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

·           Mike Padgham, Chair, Independent Care Group

·           Sally Tyrer, Chair, Yorkshire Local Medical Committee

·           Janet Waggott, Assistant Chief Executive, North Yorkshire County Council and Chief Executive, Selby District Council


5.         Declarations of Interest


            There were no declarations of interest.


6.         Public Questions of Statements


            There were no public questions or statements.


7.         Membership


Considered –


A report by the Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services) which asked the Board to confirm the current Membership, together with changes required to reflect the formal establishment of Integrated Care Systems (ICS), with effect from 1st July 2022.


Patrick Duffy, Principal Democratic Services and Scrutiny Officer, presented the report and advised that the Board comprises statutory and non-statutory Members. The term of office for non-statutory Members expires this month. Therefore, he had been in contact with those partners to ask who they wish to represent them.


He added that:-


-       The position, as stated in the Appendix to the report, is largely unchanged. The main changes are:-


·               The Integrated Care Systems/Partnerships, which will replace Clinical Commissioning Groups from July – with two representatives from Humber and North Yorkshire and one from West Yorkshire


·               There are now just two, rather than three, elected County Council representatives as the Public Health portfolio has transferred to the Chair


·               The Emergency Services representative will now be Lisa Winward, the Chief Constable for North Yorkshire Police


·               Jonathan Coulter, Chief Executive at NHS Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, is now the representative of Acute and Community Hospital Trusts


-       There was just one update to the published report.  He had now been advised that Nancy O’Neill, Chief Operating Officer, Bradford, District and Craven Health and Care Partnership, will represent West Yorkshire ICS, with Ali Jan Haider, Strategic Director, Keeping Well, representing the Partnership when Nancy cannot attend.


-       Discussions are taking place between the District Council Leaders and Chief Executives to ascertain who their respective representatives will be. If there is any change to the current position, he will report this to the next meeting.


The Chair added that the Board attempts to find a balance between ensuring representation across the Sectors, whilst avoiding the numbers becoming unwieldly. However, when the Board holds informal Workshop Sessions, there is a range of attendees that is broader still.




8.         Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board


  Considered –


A verbal update by Amanda Bloor, which updated Members on the developments for Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB).


Amanda highlighted the following:-


-       The Health and Care Act has now received Royal Assent. This is a key milestone in terms of the establishment of the Integrated Care Board from 1st July 2022.


-       From 1st July 2022, Integrated Care Boards will be placed on a statutory footing and CCGs disestablished. CCGs have been represented on the Board – this will now be through the two Integrated Care Boards


-       The Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board is in a good state of readiness and a number of key appointments have been made.  Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of York and Scarborough NHS Foundation Trust, has been appointed as the Hospitals Partner and Wendy Balmain has been appointed as Place Director for North Yorkshire.  Wendy has enormous knowledge of, and background in, North Yorkshire.


-       A lot of work is going on to develop place arrangements.


-       In terms of next steps, the final Readiness Checklist is being worked through. The Integrated Care Board has met in shadow form and will meet on 1st July 2022 to formalise arrangements. This is when appointments will be formalised having, until now, been designate.


-       The Integrated Care Partnership will be the engine room for integration work.


The Chair stated that he is mindful that, whilst the majority of the geography of North Yorkshire feeds into the Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, we do face over to West Yorkshire and he asked Richard Webb to comment on how this works from the Health and Wellbeing Board’s perspective.  Richard advised that the County Council and Craven play into the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board.  He, Louise Wallace and Paul Shevlin (Chief Executive of Craven District Council) are part of the Bradford and Craven Partnership and he represents the County Council on the Integrated Care System Executive Group.  We also have links into Lancashire and South Cumbria for people living in Bentham and Ingleton.


Councillor Richard Foster felt that it would be helpful if an update could be provided on the West Yorkshire Integrated Care System/Partnership at future meetings, so that Members are aware of what is occurring there.  The Chair concurred.


Ashley Green, Chief Executive of Healthwatch North Yorkshire, informed Members that Healthwatch are linked into the new structures for both Integrated Care Systems.




9.         Work Programme


Considered –


A rolling Work Programme, presented by the Principal Democratic Services Scrutiny Officer.


Patrick Duffy stressed that the Work Programme is fluid, as circumstances change. It is open to any Member to input into it.  Therefore, if any Member feels that something should be added, they can advise of this now or contact me between meetings.  In that regard, he confirmed that he had noted Councillor Richard Foster’s point that there should be an update for West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS as well as for Humber and North Yorkshire ICB.


Looking at the draft Agenda for the July meeting. Clearly, there are too many Items provisionally scheduled.  Consideration as to which of these need to be rescheduled will be made at the next Agenda setting meeting.


The Chair reiterated that he and the Vic-Chair did not want the board to receive reports for noting as this does not represent a good use of people’s time. The concentration would be on cross sector working and health improvement


10.       Any other business which, in the opinion of the Chair, should be considered as a matter of urgency


  There was none.  The Chair however mentioned that, as a formal Committee of the County Council, the Board has to adhere to various provisions as to the holding of meetings. Therefore, formal decision-making meetings must be held face to face but, where decisions are not required, an in person meeting is not required.  He recognises that there are benefits to meeting remotely and therefore that is the intention.  It will not be an exclusive approach though, as there are also benefits to meeting in person, in terms of networking.  Essentially, a pragmatic view will be taken.


11.       Next Meeting


            The Chair confirmed that the next meeting will be on Friday 29th July at 10.30 a.m.


The meeting concluded at 12.15 p.m.