North Yorkshire County Council


Extraordinary meeting of the County Council


Minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on Wednesday, 17th August, 2022 commencing at 10.30 am.


County Councillor Margaret Atkinson in the Chair and County Councillors Alyson Baker, Phillip Barrett, Philip Broadbank, Eric Broadbent, Barbara Brodigan, Nick Brown, John Cattanach, David Chance, Sam Cross, Gareth Dadd, Caroline Dickinson, Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff, Keane Duncan, Bridget Fortune, Kevin Foster, Robert Heseltine, David Ireton, George Jabbour, David Jeffels, Tom Jones, Nigel Knapton, Carl Les, John Mann, Pat Marsh, Steve Mason, Rich Maw, John McCartney, Heather Moorhouse, Andy Paraskos, Clive Pearson, Tony Randerson, John Ritchie, Karin Sedgwick, Subash Sharma, Andy Solloway, Malcolm Taylor, Angus Thompson, Phil Trumper, Arnold Warneken, Steve Watson, John Weighell OBE, Dave Whitfield, Annabel Wilkinson, Peter Wilkinson and Andrew Williams.


Apologies: Chris Aldred, Joy Andrews, Karl Arthur, Derek Bastiman, Andy Brown, Lindsay Burr MBE, Liz Colling, Mark Crane, Melanie Davis, Stephanie Duckett, Richard Foster, Sam Gibbs, Caroline Goodrick, Hannah Gostlow, Bryn Griffiths, Tim Grogan, Michael Harrison, Paul Haslam, Nathan Hull, Janet Jefferson, Mike Jordan, Peter Lacey, Andrew Lee, Cliff Lunn, Andrew Murday, Simon Myers, David Noland, Bob Packham, Stuart Parsons, Yvonne Peacock, Heather Phillips, Kirsty Poskitt, Jack Proud, Janet Sanderson, Mike Schofield, Steve Shaw-Wright, Monika Slater, David Staveley, Neil Swannick, Roberta Swiers, Matt Walker, David Webster, Greg White and Robert Windass.



Copies of all documents considered are in the Minute Book





Chairman's Announcements


The Chairman welcomed the Honorary Aldermen and members of the public and press to the Extraordinary meeting of the Council.


The Chairman informed Members of the usual arrangements for the meeting.





Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from County Councillors Chris Aldred, Joy Andrews, Karl Arthur, Derek Bastiman, Andy Brown, Lindsay Burr, Liz Colling, Mark Crane, Melanie Davis, Stephanie Duckett, Richard Foster, Sam Gibbs, Caroline Goodrick, Hannah Gostlow, Bryn Griffiths, Tim Grogan, Michael Harrison, Paul Haslam, Nathan Hull, Janet Jefferson, Mike Jordan, Peter Lacey, Andrew Lee, Cliff Lunn, Simon Myers, Andrew Murday, David Noland, Bob Packham, Stuart Parsons, Yvonne Peacock, Kirsty Poskitt, Steve Shaw-Wright, Monika Slater, David Staveley, Neil Swannick, Roberta Swiers, Matt Walker, David Webster, Greg White, Robert Windass.





Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.





Public Questions or Statements


There were no questions or statements from members of the public.






Appointment to and remuneration for the post of Chief Executive Officer - Report of the Chief Officers Appointments and Disciplinary Committee


Appointment to and remuneration for the post of Chief Executive Officer

The recommendations at paragraph 10.0 of the report (page 13862 of the Minute Book) were moved and seconded.


A vote was taken and the motion was declared carried unanimously with 46 for, none against and no abstentions.


Resolved -


That Richard Flinton be appointed as North Yorkshire Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Head of Paid Service, Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer, with effect from 1 September 2022.


That the Chief Executive Officer salary is approved as ranging from £180,000 to £197,010, with 4 incremental progression points (£180,000 to £185,670 to £191,340 to £197,010).


The Chairman invited Richard Flinton to address the meeting.





Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies - Report of the Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services)


Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies

The recommendation at paragraph 5.0 of the report (page 13864 of the Minute Book) was moved and seconded.


The Conservative Group secretary noted that County Councillor Margaret Atkinson was to come off the Pension Fund Committee and be replaced by County Councillor Carl Les.


A vote was taken and the motion was declared unanimously carried with 46 for, none against and no abstentions.


Resolved -


That the appointments be made.





The meeting concluded at 11:15am.




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