REPORT TO: Robert Ling, Assistant Director, Technology and Change Management


DECISION DATE: 5 December 2022






It is recommended that the Authority approves a variation to the contract to purchase 35 more concurrent licences per annum for the duration of the contract.  This will allow the Authority along with the seven District and Borough Councils to align their IT services onto a single service management solution ahead of the inauguration of the new single authority on 1 April 2023. 




Following the decision for Local Government Re-organisation (LGR) in North Yorkshire and the combining of the county council and district and borough councils into a single authority a need for a joined up approach for IT service management was identified by the ICT & Digital work stream. The decision was made to adopt the county council’s ISO 27001 accredited service management practices and increase the scope of the existing service management system to include the IT service delivery of all the new authorities’ services.


The service management system is used to manage the demands and workflow resulting from corporate and commercial customers.


The initial term of the existing contract runs from 11 November 2019 to 10 November 2024.  There are three options to extend the contract to 10 November 2026, 2028 and 2029 respectively.


The service management system supports the service delivery of IT services by T&C across NYCC staff, Selby District Council staff, schools, other public sector organisations and the private sector. It enables:

·         Consistency and efficiency in applying accredited service management practices.

·         Stronger alignment of T&C, its services, and our customers

·         Improved service delivery quality and customer satisfaction

·         Greater visibility of IT costs and assets

·         Better management of business risk and service disruption or failure by understanding when critical times for services are and by being able to monitor System up time against required availability

·         Viability of the impact of system changes through the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The proposed variation has been through the council’s governance and a Gateway 4 report has been submitted and approved by the Procurement Assurance Board.




The contract was awarded in 2019 via an open procedure in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.


As per the Authority’s Procurement and Contract Procedure Rules, Rule 4.2 states that Directors shall ensure that a written record of the decision to procure a Contract is made in accordance with the Gateway Process where Rule 18 applies.  Where such a decision comprises a Key Decision under the Constitution, Directors shall ensure that it is entered on to the Forward Plan and treated as a Key Decision in all respects.


In addition, Regulation 72(1)(e) of The Public Contract Regulations 2015 allows for a variation of a contract where the proposed changes do not:


·         Render the contract materially different in character.

·         Introduce conditions which, if part of the initial procurement procedure, would have allowed for admission of other candidates/acceptance of a different tender/attracted additional participants.

·         Change the economic balance in favour of the contractor.

·         Extend the scope considerably.

·         Substitute a contractor.





It is recommended that the Authority approves the contract variation.