Transition (LGR) Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Work Programme 2022/23


Wednesday 14 December 2022 at 2pm




Consideration by Executive


To consider the arrangements in place for Licensing as part of the new unitary council, including the new taxi licensing policy and the feedback received from the ongoing public consultation.


22 February 2023 County Council

LGR General Discussion





Thursday 19 January 2023 at 2pm




Consideration by Executive

Economic Development and Tourism

To look at the impact of LGR to Economic Development and support for businesses, particularly SMEs. Also, the support to be given to businesses in sectors such as tourism.

Dave Caulfield, Assistant Director - Growth Planning and Trading Standards, NYCC and Trevor Watson, Director of Economy, Environment and Housing, Harrogate Borough Council


LGR Assets

To consider the assets position for the new unitary council

Jon Holden – Head of Property Service


LGR Programme Update

To consider the position of maintaining service continuity to ensure effective delivery and performance of services once North Yorkshire Council is established from 1 April 2023.

Robert Ling, Assistant Director – Technology and Change Management


IT infrastructure, support and operation at day 1

To provide the Committee with details of progress to innovate and modernise ways of working through the LGR process in the area of IT infrastructure, support and operations.

Stuart Carlton, Workstream Lead for the Digital and IT LGR Workstream and Robert Ling, Assistant Director – Technology and Change Management



Let’s Talk

Consultation outcomes




Other topics to be considered: (from discussions and Forward Plan)

Double devolution process – Reviewing town / parish council pilots

Customer Service Standards and Policies - due Exec 21 March 2023

Area Committees

Planning system


Will Baines

Principal Democratic Services and Scrutiny Officer

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