Transport Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Committee work programme

Dated: 10 January 2023

Meeting dates

·         Scheduled future Committee Meetings: 10am on 12 April 2023



Aims/Terms of Reference

19 January 2023


York and North Yorkshire LEP

Annual update on the work of the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership James Farrar, Chief Operating Officer, YNYLEP.

National Highways update on maintenance and improvement activity

Update on the maintenance and improvement activity carried out by National Highways in 2022 – Louise McCaul, Highways England

20mph speed limit policy implementation

To advise Members on progress with implementing the revised 20mph speed limit policy for North Yorkshire, following its adoption in January 2022

Road casualties

To provide a summary of the 2020 and 2021 road casualty figures in North Yorkshire and initiatives undertaken by the Road Safety Partnership – Allan McVeigh – Head of Network Strategy, Business and Environmental Services

12 April 2023

North Yorkshire - Plan for Economic Growth

To receive an annual update on progress – Dave Caulfield, Assistant Director, Growth Planning and Trading Standards, BES, NYCC.

Civil Parking Enforcement

To provide an update on Civil Parking Enforcement in the county – David Kirkpatrick, Traffic Engineering Team Leader, BES, NYCC.

Gully clearance and maintenance

Update members on the progress with gully clearance and maintenance –Nigel Smith, Head of Highway Operations, BES, NYCC.

Rural Bus Services and Subsidies

To update members on rural bus services and subsidies – Michael Leah, Assistant Director – Travel, Environmental and Countryside, BES, NYCC.

Items where dates to be allocated

Public perception of the Highways Service

Waste Collection and Treatment in North Yorkshire

Rural Broadband