APPENDIX 5            Ryedale Learning Trust response to consultation



Response to Consultation 


Why do we (Ryedale Learning Trust) want to help Hovingham and St Hilda’s CE Primaries? 


·         We have wanted to work with Hovingham and St Hilda’s from the outset- Hovingham & St Hilda’s were part of the working group that led to the establishment of the Ryedale Federation in 2016 

·         Our Trust is committed to engaging with all interested schools (including CE schools) in the surrounding geographical area. We understand this will require us changing to Mixed Articles, with the support of the Diocese. 

·         We believe wherever possible that small rural schools should be preserved, as they are integral to the communities they serve 

·         Hovingham & St Hilda’s CE primaries are within the catchment area for Ryedale School 

·         Hovingham CE School has the pupil numbers in catchment to secure its future, and we believe we can help make Hovingham (and St Hilda’s) schools of choice in their local, and wider communities 

·         We have a good track record for improving small schools and ensuring their viability 


RLT Vision and Values 



Every learner in our Trust is inspired to succeed and enabled to fulfil their potential 


Our Trust is committed to:  

Promoting health, happiness and wellbeing  

Providing a safe, disciplined and supportive environment  

Developing a love of learning through a passionate and committed approach  

Having high standards and expectations  

Adopting a proactive and ‘can do’ attitude  

Fostering Integrity, kindness and good manners  

Collaborative working to secure excellence  

Engendering respect for individuality and difference 


School Improvement Capacity 


Central Education Team                                             Central Operations Team  


Early Years Lead                                                          Chief Finance Officer  

Primary Education Lead                                              Chief Operations Officer  

Secondary Education Lead                                          HR Manager  

Raising Achievement Lead                                          Estates and Facilities Manager  

Safeguarding and Inclusion Lead                                IT Manager  

QA & Standards Lead                                                  Governance Manager  

Staff Development Lead 




RLT Support from January 2023 


As Associate Members of the Ryedale Learning Trust, Hovingham and St Hilda's will benefit from: 

- Leadership of the schools by our Primary Lead (Executive Headteacher) 

- Access to and support from the Trust Central Education and Operations teams  

- Support from an experienced CE Headteacher (and continued support from the Diocese) 


We will ensure that St Hilda’s receives the necessary support to continue to enhance its educational provision and to secure its numbers moving forward, whilst working with the local community, NYCC and the Diocese to secure Hovingham CE School’s future 


Proposed Hovingham CP School Offer from September 2023 


From September 2023, we can provide high quality EYFS and KS1 provision, with: 

- Up to 8 reception places 

- Up to 16 nursery places 

- Places would also be open to Y1 & 2 pupils from September 2023 

- Wrap around care and enrichment activities (including Forest Schools) 

- A school community within a community of schools 


We are currently holding open mornings and advertising the potential provision on offer from September 2023. We have interest for nursery places but not as yet reception places for September 2023.


We have the staffing and leadership experience, and capacity within our schools and Trust, to deliver this offer.


Hovingham CE School’s future...... 


We recognise that without a positive outcome for the school in terms of the consultation, and without appropriate transitional financial support from the LA from April 2023, our actions alone cannot guarantee that Hovingham CE School will be open in September 2023. We have relayed this message to all stakeholders.


If we are unable to secure the future of Hovingham CE School, Ryedale Learning Trust will still be fully committed to supporting St Hilda’s CE School and bringing them into the Trust along with other local CE Primary schools, with the support of the Diocese.