Appendix 1 Net Zero Fund – Potential NYCC projects (as at 19.01.23)

1 North Yorkshire County Council

1 AWRP / Waste Management – Project Development

·         Feasibility or business case for AWRP Carbon Capture

·         Feasibility or any other activity to maximise use of heat (including vertical farm) / renewable energy generation / hydrogen  production (and storage) on site

·         Feasibility on use of green hydrogen for residual waste / recycling fleet. (Potential to convert / transition fleet to green hydrogen.

2 Fleet conversion – Project Delivery

·         capital purchase of low carbon fleet for community services (such as libraries / schools)

·         Upgrades of EVCPs at depots for rapid charge facility (providing is passes the ‘wider public benefit’ test.)

·         EV bus / EVCP to support public transport ‘round town’ trial

3 Property – large scale property decarbonisation schemes on buildings used by the community. Taking a fabric first approach rather than focus on renewable energy or decarbonisation of heat. (Replacing boilers etc.). Both project delivery (capital) and project development (revenue) are proposed for

·         Libraries  - decarbonisation studies

·         Schools -  to focus on schools currently on oil, or larger schools that use the most energy. Coupled with community based educational schemes to showcase the activity.

·         Community buildings decarbonisation : capital grant scheme or collaborative delivery to support implementation of previously funded community based decarbonisation plans.


4. Decarbonising Highways: Both project delivery (capital) and project development (revenue) are proposed for

·         Decarbonising Winter – (c)

·         Verge management to reduce maintenance mileage, improve biodiversity and potentially renewable energy through anaerobic digestion. (r)

·         Use of recycled materials in carriageway maintenance (c)

·         Junction signals  to reduce waiting time emissions (c)

·         Support sustainable active travel to schools School streets closures and associated infrastructure / air quality monitors / pedestrian verges.  (c ) [Potential for separate bid >£250K]

·         Last mile deliveries – cargo bikes potentially targeting pharmacy bikes – poss link with Emotion RiDC project.


5 Travel: Project Delivery to

·         Home to school transport – access to low emission alternatives

·         Delivery of EVCP’s – 53 EVCP’s delivered in Richmondshire and Scarborough locations (20 sites) as identified in the EV Public Charging Rollout Strategy, as two of the areas in greatest need of additional EVCPs across North Yorkshire but also least likely to attract funding from private sector – Capital Scheme

·         Extension of the EV Strategy work  – revenue scheme

·         Active Travel Schemes LCWIP Scheme Development –3 schemes to be prepared for future rounds of Active Travel Funding

a.       A Feasibility Study (£25,000) for a route for a cycle/walking route alongside the railway line from Knaresborough to Flaxby Green Park

b.       Detailed Design (£150,000) for a route between Bilton and Hornbeam Park in Harrogate

c.       Detailed Design (£260,000) for a route between Eastfield and Cayton in Scarborough

We plan to offer prioritisation of these schemes in case the LEP wants to offer partial funding for our application.

·         Capital - Kildwick to Silsden + Airedale - Proposal to improve a 3km stretch of towpath (1km in Bradford, 2km in North Yorkshire/ Craven) between Kildwick and Silsden. This funding will cover the construction of the NYCC section. This scheme is ready for construction subject to funding. The scheme would be led by Canals and Rivers Trust, using their project managers. The scheme will improve access to recreation for leisure and health purposes

·         Community Transport: Capital purchase EV MPVs and EVCPs for CT organisations.

Including establishment of car clubs in rural areas linked to the LEVI EV CPs.

·         Scarborough and Whitby P&R sites – EVCPs and solar canopy

Project Development:

·         Social Prescribing – Active Travel in Selby & Scarborough  (r )


2 NYCC application on behalf of others / NYC wide projects :

Project Delivery (Capital):

·         ‘Hitting Hard’ – Exemplar housing decarbonisation projects including Oak Tree Court: RiDC owned elderly people’s residential flats.


Project Development (Revenue) :

·         Social Housing Decarbonisation: Development Fund to create a plan for NYC Housing Stock decarbonisation. Request currently with RiDC /HBC / SDC for consideration.

·         Leisure Centres: to support decarbonisation plans on NYC Leisure provision. 9 whole site reviews, 3 whole plan reviews.

·         Crematoria: Hambleton Electric, possibly SBC Woodlands total review

·         Potto – community heat network match funding HNDU.