10 March 2023


Director of Public Health Annual Report 2021-2022


Report of the Director of Public Health


1.0      Purpose of report


1.1         The purpose of this report is to introduce the Director of Public Health Annual Report 2021-2022: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.



2.0      Background


2.1       The Director of Public Health has a duty to write a report, whereas the local authority’s duty is to publish it (under section 73B(5) & (6) of the 2006 Act, inserted by section 31 of the 2012 Act). The content and structure of the report may be decided locally.


3.0      Content of the Annual Report


3.1       The Director of Public Health Annual Report for 2021-2022 considers the following:

      Health in North Yorkshire today

      Continuing the COVID-19 response

      Impact of COVID-19

      Lessons learned


      Progress on past recommendations


3.2       The report considers the lessons we, and others, have learnt over the last two years whilst focusing on the impacts of these lessons and how we will continue to improve and protect the health of our population. We reflect on the key timeline events throughout the pandemic from policy changes to infection rates, and how we responded locally.


3.3       Throughout the report, we have included summaries of community conversations and examples of people’s creativity.  Community engagement was a major element of the research for this report, carried out with a broad range of organisations and community groups, plus consideration of engagement undertaken during the pandemic.  


3.4       There are also four ‘Spotlight’ pieces to accompany the main report, going into more detail on:


·         People’s ‘three wishes’ for the future (illustration)

·         People’s creativity in response to the pandemic

·         People’s experiences with Community Support Organisations

·         Historical examples of infection prevention


3.5       The report will be published on the North Yorkshire Partnerships website and publicly launched via a press release.


4.0       Recommendation


4.1       That the Scrutiny of Health Committee notes the content of the Director of Public Health Annual Report 2021-2022 and considers its recommendations.




Louise Wallace

Director of Public Health


County Hall





Report Authors:       

Louise Wallace, Director of Public Health                

Shanna Carrell, Equalities Manager, Health and Adult Services