2 MARCH 2023

Social Care, Public Health and Climate Change

Line of Enquiry


With the prior agreement of the committee, Cllr Andy Brown has submitted the following as an outline line of enquiry in relation to Health and Adult Services directorate activity on Social Care, Public Health and Climate Change, inviting a response at this committee meeting. That response is attached.

Integrating Climate Change in Business Strategy

1.    How are we working to reduce emissions?

·         Investment in our own estate (care and operations) smart energy usage, adopting renewables

·         Changed ways of staff working – remote working, business travel for our staff and care service users

·         Digital options – remote collaboration working, online assessments etc. promoting work with partners around tech care


2.    How are we working to reduce chain emissions/Influence Climate change action?

·         Procurement and commissioning issues - understanding the complexity

·         How we contract: Questioning the environmental standards of our suppliers and providers

·         Market Shaping responsibilities - influencing the market social care providers to improve sustainability and choice

·         Responsibility/opportunities to encourage the sector to embrace change


3.    How do we assess and mitigate the impact of risks?

·         On vulnerable groups and the people we support (ie those who face disproportionate challenges in terms of extreme events)

·         Resilience Planning

Prevent, Reduce and Delay Care need

1.    What is the role of Public Health and the social and environmental determinants of health?  keeping people healthy; green agenda; Air quality/pollution

2.    What opportunities are there in terms of the wider Culture and Leisure agenda?  county's assets; natural environment.


Options for action

1.    Liaise with the economic development team to seek to develop potential bids to improve insulation and install appropriate solar, heat exchange and battery storage systems in our own care estate and in our suppliers

2.    Develop a clause in all contracts requiring suppliers of care services to set out the actions they are taking to address climate change and natural capital issues.

3.    Develop a best practice guide to reducing miles travelled by our staff in the care sector.

4.    Commission an internal report into best practice on dealing with the impact of floods and wind emergencies on vulnerable members of our community.


Cllr Andy Brown

22 February 2023