Care and Independence Overview and Scrutiny Committee

2 March 2023


Work Programme Report


1.0          Purpose of Report

1.1         The committee has agreed the attached work programme (Appendix 1).


1.2         The report gives members the opportunity to be updated on work programme items and review the shape of the work ahead.


2.0          Background

2.1         The scope of this committee is defined as ‘The needs of vulnerable adults and older people and people whose independence needs to be supported by intervention from the public or voluntary sector”.


3.0          Scheduled Committee dates

·       Thursday 22 June 2023 at 10am

·       Thursday 28 September 2023 at 10am

·       Thursday 7 December 2023 at 10am

·       Thursday 28 March 2024 at 10am


4.0          Group Spokesperson’s views in the Work Programme

Your Group Spokespersons met for a Mid Cycle Briefing on Wednesday 25 January   2023, and again on 2 February but just to review Care Market Pressures. The work programme attached reflects the outcome of both those discussions.


4.1         Climate action: climate justice, health and social care.

The committee agreed to discuss this at the March meeting. Groups spokespersons agreed the draft scope drawn up in collaboration with Cllr Andy Brown which addresses how the directorate is working to reduce emissions – for example as an organisation and commissioner of services, how the impact of the risks of climate change are assessed - especially in relation to the vulnerable groups we support, and the role of public health.


4.2         This is part of your agenda for today’s meeting.


4.3         Updates about the ASC Assurance Framework

4.4         The session on 25 January covered the new Framework which comes into force from April 2023.


4.5         This is the government’s plan to reintroduce inspections of local authority’s adult social care functions by the Care Quality Commission, with councils being potentially subject to government intervention for failings.


4.6         It means we could have an inspection of all council social care services from CQC at any point during 2023/24 onwards


4.7         Members were completely reassured that the directorate is preparing well and thoroughly for this new inspection regime. Comments were made about the need for the committee to commit to focused attention on some of the key indicators of performance. Whilst that especially applies to those baskets of indicators which CQC will use to determine an authority’s rating, the committee ought to consider more routinely asking for current data to help it reach well-informed conclusions.


4.8         Proposals on how this might be best approached will be discussed at the next Mid Cycle Briefing and brought to your next committee meeting.


5.0          Recommendations

5.1         The committee is recommended to consider the attached work programme and determine whether any further amendments should be made at this stage.




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Author of Report: Ray Busby

Contact Details: Tel: 01609 532655 E-mail:


Care and Independence Overview and Scrutiny Committee                      APPENDIX 1

Work Programme 2022/23

Scheduled Committee Meetings


Scheduled Mid Cycle Briefings (Attended only by Group Spokespersons)



Agenda Briefings - will be held at 9.30am on the day of the committee meeting



Aims/Terms of Reference

Lead/Current position

Thursday 2 March 2023 at 10am

Local Account

A review of the published account

Louise Wallace/Shanna Carrell

Adult Social Care, Public Health and Climate Change

A response to issues and themes raised by Cllr Andy Brown

Richard Webb (Mike Rudd and Victoria Turner)


Annual NY Safeguarding Adults Board Report


Louise Wallace

Care Market pressures


Abi Barron

Thursday 22 June 2023 at 10am


Extra Care - next generation

Revisit of Extra Care 12 months on as requested by the Committee. Update on progress and statement on ambition to see Extra Care in all key towns by 2023.

Mike Rudd

Unpaid Carers – support for Carers

Overview item to help assess the support provided to adult carers of adults in North Yorkshire.

Cath Simms

Direct Payments

Revisit how NYCC is ensuring that Direct Payments enable more choice and control over the support people receive and how their social care needs are met (can use previous slides as basis of report)
Content and timing of item may be affected by ongoing HAS developmental work

Cath Simms and Toya Bastow

Living Well

Update on service activity (overall approach/content as previous)

Cath Simms

Digital Lives

Introduction to Technology enabled care, online care, financial assessment and brokerage. Tech Enabled Care –supporting and enhancing the experience of people and their independence in their own homes. Activity, Initiatives etc

Mike Rudd and Neil Bartram.

Intermediate Care/Discharge to Assess

Discharge arrangements.
Including possible briefing on introduction of Pilot scheme for short-term care beds.

To be advised

Thursday 28 September 2023 at 10am

Supported Housing

Transforming Care and current supported housing service overview
Possible move to December

To be advised

Shared Lives Scheme

Approval to re-procure or in-source the Shared Lives Scheme

Possible Move to December

To be advised

Development of the Integrated Care Systems and Partnerships that cover North Yorkshire

What does this mean for social care, what are the risks etc


Richard Webb

Dementia Care Facility

Report on progress business case and development

Abi Barron

Trailblazer (and Financial Pressures)

Update on financial pressures

Trailblazer - anything on timetable, any further learning etc

Anton Hodge

Suicide Prevention and Audit

Update on activity, prevalence and action.

Clare Robinson Public Health

Respite/Short breaks current position

Progress on a transformational approach to short breaks

To be determined

Thursday 7 December 2023 at 10am

Day Services

Overview with some focus on how the pandemic has changed demand for these services and how that influences commissioning arrangements that we have in place to deliver Personalisation and choice and meet current service and business requirements.

Principle and scope of item yet be discussed

Local Account

A review of the published account

Louise Wallace/Shanna Carrell

Annual Report of the Adults Safeguarding Board


Chair of the Board

Report of the Director of Public Health


Louise Wallace

Thursday 28 March 2024 at 10am