North Yorkshire County Council


Meeting of the Health and Adult Services Executive



Minutes of the meeting held on 10 February 2023


Richard Webb, Corporate Director, Councillor Michael Harrison


Officers present: Rachel Bowes, Anton Hodge, Chris Jones King (via Teams)





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Declaration of Interests





Harrogate and Rural Alliance (HARA) Contract Extension



The purpose of the report was to consider and agree a further extension of the existing Section 75 County Council/NHS commissioner and provider agreements for the integrated community health and social care services in the Harrogate district.  Previously, these agreements were extended by one year in March 2022.


A formal consultation was undertaken as part of the process for the approval of the Section 75s in 2019, which included the options to extend with the Section 75s.


The purpose of the further extension is to allow HARA to continue to operate whilst we continue to work on HARA’s future operating model.  We have developed draft proposals for the future of HARA and these will be shared at a future meeting.





Approval was given for an up to 12 month extension (on a six plus six month basis) to the Commissioner and Provider HARA Section 75 Agreements.


That further proposals for future development of the service and any revisions to the Section 75 Agreements are brought back for consideration within the extension period, to enable any decisions and public consultation to take place with respect to longer-term arrangements being agreed beyond the period of this extension.














Notes of previous meeting held on 25 January 2023



 Reviewed and agreed.