North Yorkshire County Council


Richmond Area Constituency Committee


22 March 2023


Appointments to Outside Bodies


Report of the Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services)





Purpose of the Report



To enable appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies to be considered.


2.0        John Dakyn's Education Charity at Kirby Hill – Trustee Vacancy


2.1       There is currently a vacancy for a Trustee on the John Dakyn’s Education Charity, following the recent resignation of Mr J A Cowie. 


2.2       This is a Category 3 outside body appointment.  County Councillor Angus Thompson as the local Member, is invited to confirm his nominee for the vacancy at this meeting. Nominees are expected to be a member of the local community but may be the local Member. Once seconded, Area Constituency Committee Members are asked to vote to approve the appointment.


2.3       Once the appointment has been made, Democratic Services will forward the contact details (i.e. postal address, email address and phone number) for the appointed nominee to the Secretary of the outside body.


2.4       The decision to appoint to a category 3 outside body is an Executive function which has been delegated to the relevant Area Constituency Committee.  As such, the decision to appoint must be published within 2 days of being made and is subject to the Council’s call-in procedures.






That the Richmond Area Constituency Committee appoint the nominee for the vacancy, nominated by the local Member as the County Council’s appointee on the John Dakyn's Education Charity, to serve until a replacement is appointed.



Barry Khan

Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services)

County Hall



13 March 2023