Richmond ACC Work Programme 2023-24

Wednesday 22 March 2023 @ 10am

Stronger Communities Annual Report

Marie Ann Jackson & Team

North Northallerton Infrastructure and Development project

Verbal update will be provided by James Kennedy

Draft Work Programme 2023-24

To consider the draft Work Programme for 2023-24

Monday 12 June 2023 @ 10am

Future of Area Constituency Committees

A guide about Area Constituency Committees’ ways of working for this next iteration of the committees – Daniel Harry

Local Flood Risk Strategy 2022-27

Update on the implementation of the new Strategy – Emily Mellalieu

YorBus Pilot Update

Digital Demand Responsive Bus Service – Andy Clarke, Integrated Passenger Transport

Outside Bodies Appointments


Road Closures in Hawes

Video Footage to be considered – Cllr Yvonne Peacock

Work Programme

To consider the Committee’s Work Programme

Monday 18 September 2023 @ 10am

Development of the Catterick Integrated Care Campus

Verbal update on the development of the CICC from Lisa Pope - CCG Deputy Director of Primary Care, Community Services and Integration (CICC programme lead)

Yorkshire Dales National Park Update

Verbal update on Yorkshire Dales National Park emerging Local Plan  - Peter Stockton, Head of Sustainable Development

CO2 Emissions Update

An update on highways related issues affecting climate change

Work Programme

To consider the Committee’s Work Programme

Monday 20 November 2023 @ 10am

Emergency Plans

Update on the Emergency Plans in place across the Constituency area – Joe Rushbrook, Resilience & Emergency Officer

Schools Educational Achievement & Finance

Annual Update - Andrew Dixon, Strategic Planning Manager, Education & Skills & colleagues

Work Programme

To consider the Committee’s Work Programme



Monday 15 January 2024 @ 10am Informal TEAMs Meeting

Budget Proposals 2023 - 2024

Gary Fielding to present

Monday 18 March 2024 @ 10am

Draft Work Programme 2024-25

To consider the Committee’s draft Work Programme for the coming municipal year





Issues identified for future work programme

Supported Living

Update on implementation of review

Lorry Driver parking

Follow up to consider how issue is being addressed following earlier consideration

Friary and Friarage Hospitals

To consider updates on these facilities.

Provision of a Northallerton Relief Road

To consider any progress on the provision of a Relief Road.

Safety on the Constituency Area’s roads

A Joint report by Highways and Public Health to consider data relating to incidents that have occurred on the Constituency Area’s roads and the work being carried out to address these.

Mental Health

A report on how mental health issues are being addressed in the area.

Delayed Transfers of Care

Further review of work by Health and Social Care to reduce Delayed Transfers of Care following consultation – linked to the Care and Independence Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Small Schools

Review of educational outcomes at small schools – linked to the Young People’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Healthy Child Programme

An update on the position regarding the Healthy Child Programme following the end of the current contract and the development of a new provision.

Health Issues relating to e-cigarettes

To consider further national guidance in relation to health concerns in relation to the use of e-cigarettes

Parking Charges

Overview of potential changes in light of LGR







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