LOCAL BODIES (appointee expected to be a member of the local community (but may be the local Member) nominated by the local Member)


¨                    The person appointed is expected to be a member of the local community but may be the local Member.

¨                    The local Member will make a nomination to the relevant Area Constituency Committee.

¨                    The relevant Area Constituency Committee will make the appointment.

¨                    There will be no Officer support.

¨                    There will be no report back (unless the local Member deems it necessary).  Any report back will be to the Corporate Director of Resources.

¨                    Expenses will not be paid by the Council.


NB: The following outside bodies are not Partnerships for the purpose of Partnership Governance as they do not meet the relevant criteria.


Scarborough & Whitby

No of seats


Eskdaleside-cum-Ugglebarnby Educational Foundation Greenhow Enhancement Fund


Mr J Fort BEM

Staintondale Educational Trust



Cllr C Pearson