Scrutiny of Health Committee

Committee Work Programme 2023/24

Dated: 28 April 2023




Meeting dates

·         Scheduled future Committee Meetings: 10am on 16th June, 8th September, 15th December

·         Scheduled mid cycle briefings: 21st July, 3rd November, 19th January 2024 via Teams





Aims/Terms of Reference


10 March



Summary of Director of Public Health’s Annual Report

Louise Wallace


Preventative Prescribing

Alternative Social Prescribing – to be taken offline with Cllr Haslam and Louise Wallace.

Louise Wallace



Mental health enhanced community services

Brian Cranna, Care Group director, NY, York & Selby Care Group


Changes to sexual health service in North Yorkshire

Report on first 9 months of new service 

Emma Davis, HAS, NYC

16 June



Update on Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Jeevan Gill & Rod Barnes, Chief Exec, YAS


Primary Care in North Yorkshire


NHS Estate



Understanding of property portfolio

Wendy Balmain

Andrew Dangerfield and Dr Bruce Willoughby


Response to workforce pressures within health and social care

Review of current workforce pressures across the health and social care system and the response to them. Summary report from HAS.


Rachel Bowes, HAS, NYC

8 Sept


Deep Dive into Autism and the strategy

Follow up from November meeting

Natalie Smith


Update on North Yorkshire Place

Review 12 months after implementation

Wendy Balmain


Proposed re-build of the Airedale Hospital on the existing site

Follow up from November meeting

Francesca Hewitt


Catterick Integrated Care Campus

Follow up from November meeting

Georgina Sayers


Acute Mental Health Services


Brian Cranna


Hyper acute stroke services for the North Yorkshire population

Performance data to be provided on the hyper acute stroke pathway

Jamie Todd & Neil Wilson, York & Scarborough NHS Foundation Trust


Urgent Care Delivery in York and The east Coast

NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group - Urgent care engagement (

Rachel Durrett – Humber & NY ICB


Independent public inquiry into the Government handling of the COVID-19 pandemic            Report due – TBC - Align with HAS & RW when published

Review of module 1 and the Council’s statutory duties around protecting the public

Barry Khan, Assistant Chief Exec, Legal and Dem Svs & Monitoring Officer









To Be Confirmed or Completed (possibly to return in the future)


Independent public inquiry into the Government handling of the COVID-19 pandemic Still to be published


Information re the Health and Social Care Committee submission

To Share when published

Capital investment in Scarborough Hospital and the development of the Emergency Department and critical care facilities



NHS Dentistry – access to and availability of places – submission to Health and Social Care Committee

Ongoing scrutiny


Overview of Public Health commissioning, provision and budget planning (when required)

Victoria Turner, HAS, NYC


TEWV CQC inspections and action plans- as required

Brian Cranna, TEWV


GP Waiting list information and access figures

Ongoing scrutiny - local report to Thirsk & Malton ACC





Friday 20th January 2023 at 10.00am (in respect of the Committee meeting on 10th March)


Discussion re outcome of request for social prescribing for March Committee - Louise Wallace

Hyper acute stroke services – Neil Wilson, York & Scarborough NHS Foundation Trust

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment – Discuss the PNA and explore the wider role that pharmacies play in the local community as a first point of contact - Claire Lawrence/Louise Wallace. Date for Committee to be agreed for 23/24

Friday 21st April 2023 at 10am (in respect of the Committee meeting on 16th June)

Neil Wilson – Hyper Acute Pathway content discussion prior to Committee in June

Jeevan Gill , YAS content discussion prior to Committee in June

Committee Work Programme


*Mid Cycle Briefings are attended by the Chair, Vice Chair and Group Spokespersons only.

Please note that the work programme is under continuous review and items may be rescheduled several times during the year.