Options Appraisal


Replacement of Neville House with Extra Care at Skipton


This option was proposed as the preferred option to HASLT in November 2021, and would have seen Neville House replaced with Extra Care via the now open scheme at Eller Beck Court in Skipton.  This option would have left the site open for redevelopment as either commercial or supported housing or an alternative care use. HASLT requested that further site options were considered, which are set out below. 


Eller Beck Court is now full and Extra Care schemes do not generally hold void flats.  Void flats are allocated as they become vacant.  Residents of Neville House could be prioritised through the allocation process at the point of a vacancy becoming available, however it is noted that this is unlikely to be a viable alternative able to meet people’s care needs.


Retain Neville House as is on a permanent basis


Without significant investment into the fabric of the building, Neville House is not viable for medium-term delivery of social care services. Neville House is an ageing EPH which is not fit for purpose in its current form.  The home has no en-suite facilities and limited supported bathing.  Maintenance costs are likely to continue to escalate with a significant failure of some part of the building or infrastructure increasingly likely over time which would necessitate a less planned conclusion to the use of the building.


Locality data has also been reviewed to determine demand in this community, and notwithstanding the confirmed proposal to develop a new Extra Care scheme in Gargrave, data does not support the need for continued delivery of traditional EPH services.  Occupancy at Neville House over the period from March 2019 to March 2020 was 60%, and subsequently referrals and admissions have remained consistent at 12 per annum; with only eight of those being permanent admissions over the three year period. Whilst this is partly COVID related and staffing challenges have also been a factor, this is significantly below what would be considered a commercially viable level.


Redevelop Neville House as an NYCC Provision


As detailed above, Neville House is an ageing EPH which would be in need of full renovation and internal redevelopment to become viable in the long term. Based on estimates from Ashfield and Silver Birches, this work is likely to cost in excess of £3 million to bring the home up to a reasonable standard.


Should such works go ahead, it would be essential that existing rooms are expanded to provide en-suite facilities and other necessary amenities.  This would reduce the capacity of the home from the existing limit of 23 rooms.


As stated above, given low occupancy rates and ongoing staffing challenges, alongside development of alternative care solutions that support ‘home first’ approaches including the proposed new Extra Care scheme in close proximity, this remains an unattractive option.


Replace Neville House with Extra Care on the Neville House site


An alternative site has now been identified for the development of Extra Care in Gargrave at Eshton Road.  A re-appraisal of the Neville House site concluded that a viable scheme would not fit on the site. 


Offer Neville House as a going concern to the Care Market


An appraisal by Property Services has indicated that it is highly unlikely that it would be possible to dispose of Neville House into the market as a going concern due to the condition of the building.


Alternative site options


One of the most effective options to optimise the value of the Neville House site, financially, operationally and in terms of benefits to the local community, of the site lies in potential alternative future uses either as housing or as a site for an alternative new care setting, dependent on a review of locality need and further feasibility studies by Property Services and partners.


There are a number of possible alternative uses for the site, either for Council-delivered services and/or broader residential or commercial use.  Potential options include development of housing either through Brierley Homes or another developer, Supported Living or other housing-based support services.  Future services delivered from the site may be delivered by NYC Provider Services or an independent sector provider dependent on the type(s) of service. 


A number of potential options have been considered to date, including the following:


·         An ‘enhanced sheltered housing’ model with a housing association.  This fell through due to rising construction costs.

·         Identified potential Supported Living and ‘key worker’ housing opportunities for the site under new frameworks available post LGR.

·         Development of general needs housing.


Further work is planned to deliver an, as yet, undefined number of supported

accommodation units for people with a range of care and support needs including

younger adults across Craven.  Feasibility studies will be undertaken of a range of

site options, including the Neville House site, with Property Services and partners.