Initial equality impact assessment screening form

This form records an equality screening process to determine the relevance of equality to a proposal, and a decision whether or not a full EIA would be appropriate or proportionate.



Locality Engagement

Service area


Proposal being screened

The proposal for local government reorganisation in North Yorkshire included a commitment to pilot double devolution and provide opportunities for town and parish councils and community groups that would like to manage services and assets on behalf of the unitary council.  This project is looking at identifying 6 pilot areas to commence from April 2024. 

Officer(s) carrying out screening

Rachel Joyce (ACE), Marie-Ann Jackson (Head of Stronger Communities), Abigail Burns (Project Manager) and Alison Szustakowski (Senior Project Manager)

What are you proposing to do?

 The proposal is to devolve the responsibility of managing assets and or services to local government for example the management of public toilet facilities, management of areas of woodland or management of the local street markets.

Why are you proposing this? What are the desired outcomes?

The outcomes for this project are directly related to 1 of the 4 pillars that created the Business Case for the LGR which is to devolve powers to community groups and town and parish councils to run assets and services where they want. It is acknowledged that this is a high risk activity and has been agreed to proceed slowly and with caution to ensure a strong business case is in place to support the devolved pilots commencing April 2024.

Does the proposal involve a significant commitment or removal of resources? Please give details.

There is a significant commitment of resources both internally form Operational services, Transformation services and partners who have expressed an interest in having devolved responsibility for assets and or services identified as pilot areas.

Impact on people with any of the following protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010, or NYCC’s additional agreed characteristics

As part of this assessment, please consider the following questions:

·       To what extent is this service used by particular groups of people with protected characteristics?

·       Does the proposal relate to functions that previous consultation has identified as important?

·       Do different groups have different needs or experiences in the area the proposal relates to?


If for any characteristic it is considered that there is likely to be an adverse impact or you have ticked ‘Don’t know/no info available’, then a full EIA should be carried out where this is proportionate. You are advised to speak to your Equality rep for advice if you are in any doubt.


Protected characteristic

Potential for adverse impact

Don’t know/No info available



















Sexual orientation




Gender reassignment




Religion or belief




Pregnancy or maternity




Marriage or civil partnership





People in rural areas




People on a low income




Carer (unpaid family or friend)




Does the proposal relate to an area where there are known inequalities/probable impacts (e.g. disabled people’s access to public transport)? Please give details.

The proposal has potential to provide a more localised response to the needs of the local communities in relation to the assets and services identified in the 6 pilot areas for April 2024.

Will the proposal have a significant effect on how other organisations operate? (e.g. partners, funding criteria, etc.). Do any of these organisations support people with protected characteristics? Please explain why you have reached this conclusion.

The proposal will have a significant impact on the towns and or parish councils that take on the responsibilities for the management of assets and or services. There is a possibility that they would be able to access greater funding opportunities.


Decision (Please tick one option)

EIA not relevant or proportionate:




Continue to full EIA:



Reason for decision

This stage does not require a full EIA but the individual pilots may.

Signed (Assistant Director or equivalent)

R Joyce