16 November 2023




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It was always our opinion that the Horse Chestnut tree remain and that its development not be impeded by the Oak tree. We are therefore pleased that the Council Officers, following further consideration, concur and are now recommending that the Oak is not made the subject of a TPO and that, in the interests of the Horse Chestnut, the Oak is felled.

The original application for tree works (CAT notice) included a request to undertake a formative prune of the Horse Chestnut to maintain its form and balance and to lift the lower crown to 3.5m and a 20% crown thin.

The Council Officers state in their report that crown thinning has fallen out of acceptance and rarely achieves the stated aims of increased light to dwellings. This is not our aim.

Our sole objective is to have a balanced, handsome and prominent tree which would befit the property name ‘Chestnut Cottage’. We would like to think that the tree could be managed to look similar to the attached photo.

It is in fact the case that we are not averse to the Horse Chestnut being the subject of a TPO. We do however have concerns that the Council Officers do not share our aspirations for the tree.

We are not sufficiently knowledgeable on whether or not our objectives would be best met by crown raising, thinning, lopping, pruning etc. but our aim is to achieve the best for the tree. We believe that through regular attention the tree could achieve good shape, a full balance crown and its height and spread maintained to sensible proportions such that the whole of the tree may be fully appreciated.

We hope that the Committee share our views. It may be that our objective is best served by maintaining the TPO on the Horse Chestnut. We understand that such status allows for a more interactive approach with the council and may pave the way to allow suitable works to be implemented accordingly.

Tom and Carol Donnelly