Initial Climate Change Impact Assessment (Form created August 2021)

The intention of this document is to help the council to gain an initial understanding of the impact of a project or decision on the environment. This document should be completed in consultation with the supporting guidance. Dependent on this initial assessment you may need to go on to complete a full Climate Change Impact Assessment. The final document will be published as part of the decision-making process.

If you have any additional queries, which are not covered by the guidance please email

Title of proposal

Strategic Leisure Review - Shaping the future of Leisure Services in the new North Yorkshire Council 


Brief description of proposal

As part of the work to bring 8 councils together to create the new North Yorkshire Council which came into effect 1st April 2023, lead officers for leisure and sport have been working in conjunction with SLC (External consultants) to pull together a report with recommendations for the future delivery and management model options for leisure and well-being services.   


The reason for the strategic leisure review is to gain a full understanding of the range of leisure services available to the residents of North Yorkshire. The desired outcomes of the review are to: 

·         identify a new, effective and efficient integrated delivery model for sport and leisure services across the county by 2027

·         identify how leisure services can deliver better value for money

·         undertake an options appraisal and recommendations relating to management options for the delivery of leisure services across the County (including in-house, outsourced, trust, Teckal and hybrid management options)

·         undertake a comprehensive audit of the condition of the current built facilities and a high-level assessment of future costs and liabilities

·         identify workforce options and potential structures

·         Provide recommendations for a system wide approach to developing more “active” places (linked with physical activity strategy)

·         Ensure that the wider leisure agenda is effectively communicated to NY internal stakeholders and integrated with other appropriate Council/partnership strategies




Community Development

Service area

Culture, Leisure, Libraries and Archives

Lead officer

Jo Ireland

Names and roles of other people involved in carrying out the impact assessment

Nicola Young – Project Manager

Kieran Jones - Senior Project manager

The chart below contains the main environmental factors to consider in your initial assessment – choose the appropriate option from the drop-down list for each one.

Remember to think about the following;

·         Travel

·         Construction

·         Data storage

·         Use of buildings

·         Change of land use

·         Opportunities for recycling and reuse

Environmental factor to consider

For the council

For the county


Greenhouse gas emissions

No effect on emissions

No Effect on emissions

No effect on emissions


No effect on waste

No effect on waste

No effect on waste

Water use

No effect on water usage

No effect on water usage

No effect on water usage

Pollution (air, land, water, noise, light)

No effect on pollution

No effect on pollution

No effect on pollution

Resilience to adverse weather/climate events (flooding, drought etc)

No effect on resilience

No effect on resilience

No effect on resilience

Ecological effects (biodiversity, loss of habitat etc)

No effect on ecology

No effect on ecology

No effect on ecology

Heritage and landscape

No effect on heritage and landscape

No effect on heritage and landscape

No effect on heritage and landscape


If any of these factors are likely to result in a negative or positive environmental impact then a full climate change impact assessment will be required. It is important that we capture information about both positive and negative impacts to aid the council in calculating its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Decision (Please tick one option)

Full CCIA not relevant or proportionate:


Continue to full CCIA:


Reason for decision

The proposal to review the leisure provision across North Yorkshire does not warrant a full CCIA to be undertaken at this stage. The review itself will have a negligible impact on climate change.


The leisure estate does have an impact on a number of the environmental factors above, namely: greenhouse gases, waste, water use, and pollution and the service is actively looking to mitigate these factors with low carbon plans and capital investment in solar panels and ASHPs.


The Leisure Investment Strategy will make recommendations relating to individual sites and consideration of climate change impacts will be part of this stage.



Signed (Assistant Director or equivalent)