North Yorkshire Council

Scrutiny of Health Committee

13 December 2023

Work Programme 2023/2024

 1.0        Purpose of Report


1.1            This report invites Members to consider the Committee’s Work Programme for 2023/2024, considering the outcome of discussions on previous agenda items and any other developments taking place across the County.

1.2            The Work Programme schedule is enclosed at Appendix 1.


2.0       Introduction

2.1       The role of the Scrutiny of Health committee is to review any matter relating to

the planning, provision and operation of health services in the county.


2.2       The Committee’s powers include:

·         reviewing and scrutinising any matter relating to the planning, provision and

operation of health services in the local authority’s area

·         requiring NHS bodies to provide information within 28 days to and attend

(through officers) before meetings of the committee to answer questions

necessary for the discharge of health scrutiny functions

·         making reports and recommendations to local NHS bodies and to the local

authority on any health matters that they scrutinise

·         requiring NHS bodies to respond within a fixed timescale to the health

scrutiny reports or recommendations

·         requiring NHS bodies to consult health scrutiny on proposals for substantial

developments or variations to the local health service

·         referring contested proposals to the Secretary of State for Health


2.3       Further information is available in the Department of Health (2014) guidance to

local authorities entitled ‘Local Authority Health Scrutiny Guidance to support

Local Authorities and their partners to deliver effective health scrutiny’. It is

available via the following link –


3.0       Scheduled Committee dates and Mid-Cycle Briefing dates for 2023/2024

3.1       Committee Meetings

·         Wednesday 13th December 2023 at 10 a.m.

·         Friday 8th March 2024 at 10 a.m.


3.2       Mid Cycle Briefing Dates


·         Friday 19th January 2024 at 10 a.m.

·         Friday 19th April 2024 at 10am.

3.3       Please note that the Mid Cycle Briefings are not public meetings and are attended by the Chair, Vice-Chair and Spokespersons for the political groups. These meetings are used to develop the committee work programme and determine the scheduling of key items.



4.0     Recommendation


4.1     The Committee is asked to confirm, comment, or add to the areas listed in the Work Programme Schedule as appropriate.


Report Author: Christine Phillipson, Principal Democratic Services & Scrutiny Officer


Contact Details:

Tel: 01609 533887 E-mail:



27 November 2023