Item 4: 23/00249/FUL – Cotril Farm

Received 15.12.2023


Dear Niamh,


Your Ref:- 23/00249/FUL


With regards to the above and the forthcoming Thirsk and Malton Area Constituency Planning Committee on Thursday 21st December 2023.


Please note the following for your forthcoming meeting:-


As high volumes of water ‘run-off’ from New Road it consistently erodes the shared access track from Cotril Farm to Sawmill Cottage.


Over the past 28 years, since living at Rose Cottage, it has been primarily myself who has had this part of the track re-surfaced.   I had a ‘sleeping policeman’ installed to divert the ‘run-off’ into a ditch - which worked very well.  Last year, i instructed Nigel Gill Plant Hire to clean out the ditch.  As he was about to start this work one of the Cotril Farm residents told him to stop as it was their grass!  Consequently, they erected poles on the verge and  the ‘run-off’ of mud from their field and their tractors has all made the shared access road now a riverbed and damaging to our vehicles.


If you had the time to pop down and look that would be great or i can send photos?


To sum up…..

Please could the Committee take into consideration the access point into the proposed campsite.  Can this be located/accessed from the Cotril Farm drive? as the increased volume of traffic and their total lack of maintenance on the shared access track will cause more damage.


With Best Wishes,

Mrs Lou Howard