Dear Members,


Following publication of the committee report for 23-00249-FUL at Cotril Farm, the Agent took the opportunity to address the requirements of the proposed condition no. 10 (Ecological improvement Scheme.) A ‘Landscape and Ecological Enhancement Plan’ has been submitted above and following review, this is considered appropriate to secure suitable ecological improvements and biodiversity net gain within the site. Consequently, the following replacement Condition 10 is recommended:


Ecological enhancements shall be undertaken in full accordance with the details contained within the ‘Landscape and Ecological Enhancement Plan’ submitted to the LPA on the 12th December 2023.  The bat and bird boxes shall be installed before the site is brought into use and shall be retained for the lifetime of the development.

Reason: to secure ecological enhancements within the application site, in accordance with Policy SP14 of the Ryedale Plan, Local Plan Strategy.

Informative: the timing of the landscaping scheme is secured via Condition 6.


Also included is a further email from Mrs Lou Howard of Rose Cottage Farm to the north.


Kind regards




Niamh Bonner

Senior Planning Officer