Hard Facilities Management Lifts Award of Contracts



REPORT TO; Assistant Director, Property, Procurement and Commercial


DECISION DATE: 21st December 2023




To award contracts for Hard Facilities Management Lifts: Servicing and Responsive Maintenancefor North Yorkshire Council, following the completion of a procurement exercise to:

·         North contract - Ace Elevators Limited

·         East contract - Ace Elevators Limited

·         West contract - Ace Elevators Limited




A decision was made to undertake a procurement exercise to establish new contracts for the Hard Facilities Management Lifts: Servicing and Responsive Maintenance, as the contracts established by the former County Council for this are due to expire on the 31st March 2024.  The new contracts include provision to provide all relevant servicing and maintenance for additional Council properties as other contract arrangements expire, as well as provision for Property’s Traded Service Property Solutions clients.  The intention to procure was entered onto the forward plan in February 2023 and the decision to procure was made on the 28th July 2023, with the procurement being a key decision.


Each contract awarded will be for a duration of three years with options to extend for a further two – two-year periods (resulting in a maximum contract period of seven years). 




The procurement exercise will be undertaken by the Council’s Procurement and Contract Management Service October to December 2023.




That contracts be awarded for Hard Facilities Management Lifts: Servicing and Responsive Maintenance.



Hard Facilities Management Contract Award – Lifts

Katherine Edge, Senior Property Officer

21st December 2023