Community Right to Bid: Assets of Community Value

Nomination Form

ACV Ref: NYC/ACV0033________

Section 1: About your organisation

1A. Contact Details

Please provide basic contact details for your organisation

Name of the organisation

North Duffield Parish Council

Organisation postal address

The Old Post Office in Wheldrake, Selby, YO8 5RG

Organisation website

Named contact for the organisation


Position of named contact within the organisation

Parish Clerk

Telephone number for named contact


Email address for named contact



1B. Organisation type

Please place an ‘X’ in the middle column against the appropriate organisation type

Organisation Type


Registration number of charity/company (if applicable)

Parish Councils 

This may be for an asset in its own area, or in the neighbouring Parish Council area



Neighbouring Parish Councils 

If the Parish Council borders an un-parished area, then they may nominate an asset within the neighbouring District Council or Unitary Council.



Un-incorporated groups 

Nominations can be accepted from any un-incorporated group with membership of at least 21 local people who appear on the electoral roll within the local authority, or a neighbouring local authority. This will for instance enable nomination by a local group formed to try to save an asset, but which has not yet reached the stage of acquiring a formal charitable or corporate structure.

Please complete additional form in Appendix 1 if this applies to you.



Neighbourhood Forums

There can only be one neighbourhood forum for an area and the way they are set up is clearly defined by the Council as a planning authority. The procedure for becoming a neighbourhood forum is set out in Section 61F of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. 

Please complete additional form in Appendix 1 if this applies to you.



Community interest groups with a local connection 

These must have one or more of the following structures:

·         A charity

·         A community interest company

·         A company limited by guarantee that is non-profit distributing

·         An Industrial and Provident Society that is non-profit distributing/Community Benefit Society

Please complete additional form in Appendix 1 if this applies to you.





1C. Local connection

Additionally, your organisation is required to have a local connection. This means that its activities are wholly or partly concerned with the administrative area of North Yorkshire or a neighbouring local authority. Please provide details about your organisation’s local connection.

Details regarding local connection

The Parish Council represent the village and the residents of North Duffield.


Finally, please provide, if available, a copy of your organisation’s rules/constitution. Please indicate which documents you intend to provide below by placing an ‘X’ against the relevant document type.

Type of document


Memorandum and Articles of Association (for a company)


Trust Deed (for a trust)


Constitution and/or rules (for other organisations)

Standing Orders




Section 2: About the asset

Section 2A: Basic details

Please provide basic details about the asset

Type of land/building (e.g. pub, shop)

The Kings Arms Public House

Name of the premises

Main Street, North Duffield, Selby, YO8 5RG

Address of the premises

As above


In addition to the above information, please attach a clear plan which identifies the land/buildings you wish to nominate with a line drawn around the boundary of the area you wish to nominate. This could be a Title Plan from Land Registry, or any other map which gives us enough detail to identify the site.


Section 2B: Ownership

Please provide details about the asset’s ownership, if it is known to you

Name of the owner

Punch Partnership (PML) Ltd

Address of the owner

Jubilee House, Second Avenue, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. DE14 2WF

Contact details for the owner

As above

Name of any other occupier

As above

Name of any other person with an interest in the premises


Address of any other person with an interest in the premises


Contact details for any other person with an interest in the premises


A map of a city  Description automatically generated

Section 2C: The premises as an Asset of Community Value

Please explain why you feel the land/premises meets the definition of an Asset of Community Value. Provide as much information as possible. Please note, it is likely that these comments will be shared with the asset owner.

ACV Definition

A building or other land in a local authority’s area is considered land of community value if, in the opinion of the authority:

(a) an actual current use of the building or other land – that is not an ancillary use – furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community; and

(b) it is realistic to think that there can continue to be a non-ancillary use of the building or other land which will further (whether or not in the same way) the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community.

If there is no current use:

(c) The definition is extended to land which has furthered the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community in the recent past, and which it is realistic to consider will do so again during the next five years.


How does the current main use of the building/land – or a use in the recent past – further the social interests or social well-being of the local community?



Councillors have resolved that they would like to register the Kings Arms Public House as a community asset so that the Parish Council as well as residents have the option of buying it if ever was put up for sale. It has been a village asset for many years, and we originally listed it with Selby District Council in 2018. 


The Kings Arms is situated in the centre of the village of North Duffield facing the village green, it is an attractive white painted building probably built during the reign of George III and first recorded in 1822. There are two main bar areas and a modern conservatory style extension which is mainly used as a dining room, this leads out to a good sized, fenced garden area with tables and chairs which is popular with families during the summer months.

There is a car park to the other side of the building and living accommodation upstairs.


The pub is owned by Punch Partnerships and has currently got a proactive landlord who is committed to the village and contributes a great deal with village events on the village green. The Parish Council and residents believe the shop is an important community asset and would not want to lose it.


Please explain how there can continue to be a main use of the building/land which will further the social interests or social wellbeing of the local community, whether or not this is in the same way as before.


Without this valuable asset in the village many residents would struggle with social isolation. Those who do not drive would find it would be considerably inconvenient and expensive to travel to other venues in the surrounding villages. The public bus service is available to York but takes an hour each way and it is not a regular service. Unfortunately, there is no longer a regular bus to Selby either. The Kings Arms has been the focal point of the village for many years and used as a social hub for residents to meet with friends and family, hosting cultural events and organising sporting activities within the village. It is a meeting venue for the public to discuss issues of concern, to celebrate local and national events and for local community to interact and meet new people.


Sporting teams such as the football club and junior football club have used the pub for meetings, annual dinners, fund raising activities and other social events. The local history and conservation society, the village drama group and the caravan club have annual dinners there and the pub have been involved in a lot of historical events on the village green, providing space for displays and talks. The Friends of North Duffield School have held meetings there and the pub provides catering and space for children’s parties, christenings, and funerals. Regular events such as the pub quiz night provide further opportunities for local people to get together.


The pub has also provided employment for young people in the village – dishwashing, bar staff, serving food etc.


The Kings Arms is the centre of the village geographically, socially, and culturally and is essential to the social wellbeing of the village residents.





If not currently used for the purposes listed above, is it realistic to think that within five years the building/land can be brought back into a use that furthers the social interests or wellbeing of the local community, whether or not in the same way as before?


It is currently being used as a public house and is well used by the community and the surrounding villages.


Section 3: Checklist and Declaration


In addition to the form, please confirm any attachments if provided.



Copy of organisation’s constitution/rules/other


A clear plan defining the land/premises being nominated



Finally, in order to confirm that the information contained within this nomination form is correct and complete and that the required documents are attached, an appropriate authorised officer must sign the below declaration.

We can accept electronic signatures.

Full Name





When complete, please return this form and any accompanying materials to

Before completing this form, please check the guidance notes at the end of the document. If you require any assistance, please contact

Privacy notice

Please retain a copy of this form for your records and should your circumstances or contact details change then please let the appropriate contact officer know.

This information will be held in accordance with NYC Privacy Notices.










Appendix 1. For unincorporated groups and community interest groups

Please skip this section if you are a Parish Council

In the case of an unincorporated body, at least 21 of its individual members must be registered to vote locally in order to make an ACV nomination. Please confirm the names and addresses of these members with a signature. If they are registered to vote in the area of a neighbouring local authority, rather than in North Yorkshire, please confirm which area that is.

Member name

Member address