Appendix B: Initial Climate Change Impact Assessment (Form created August 2021)

The intention of this document is to help the council to gain an initial understanding of the impact of a project or decision on the environment. This document should be completed in consultation with the supporting guidance. Dependent on this initial assessment you may need to go on to complete a full Climate Change Impact Assessment. The final document will be published as part of the decision-making process.

If you have any additional queries, which are not covered by the guidance please email

Title of proposal

Community Infrastructure Policy Spending Protocol and Infrastructure Funding Statement

Brief description of proposal

To approve the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Spending Protocol which oversees

the convergence of legacy council’s CIL receipts and collection, auditing and spending of future CIL monies. This ensures that CIL serves its purpose of contributing to the delivery of the infrastructure

necessary to support development in North Yorkshire.  


To approve the 2022/23 North Yorkshire Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement and publish on the

North Yorkshire Council website 



Community Development

Service area


Lead officer

Tracey Rathmell, Head of Delivery and Infrastructure

Names and roles of other people involved in carrying out the impact assessment

Rachael Hutton, Principal Policy and Delivery Officer





The chart below contains the main environmental factors to consider in your initial assessment – choose the appropriate option from the drop-down list for each one.

Remember to think about the following;

·         Travel

·         Construction

·         Data storage

·         Use of buildings

·         Change of land use

·         Opportunities for recycling and reuse

Environmental factor to consider

For the council

For the county


Greenhouse gas emissions

No effect on emissions

No Effect on emissions

No effect on emissions


No effect on waste

No effect on waste

No effect on waste

Water use

No effect on water usage

No effect on water usage

No effect on water usage

Pollution (air, land, water, noise, light)

No effect on pollution

No effect on pollution

No effect on pollution

Resilience to adverse weather/climate events (flooding, drought etc)

No effect on resilience

No effect on resilience

No effect on resilience

Ecological effects (biodiversity, loss of habitat etc)

No effect on ecology

No effect on ecology

No effect on ecology

Heritage and landscape

No effect on heritage and landscape

No effect on heritage and landscape

No effect on heritage and landscape


If any of these factors are likely to result in a negative or positive environmental impact then a full climate change impact assessment will be required. It is important that we capture information about both positive and negative impacts to aid the council in calculating its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Decision (Please tick one option)

Full CCIA not relevant or proportionate:


Continue to full CCIA:


Reason for decision

This proposal looks to develop a spending protocol for existing and future CIL monies and approve the Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS). The IFS is a factual document detailing the spend of S106 and CIL funding over the last financial year and therefore there are no climate change impacts relevant to this.  


The use of CIL helps provide the supporting infrastructure required by the housing and 

employment growth identified in the relevant Local Plans. Without this necessary supporting infrastructure, development would be less sustainable thereby having a corresponding effect on Climate change.  


As this proposal looks to establish a process, the impacts are neutral.


Signed (Assistant Director or equivalent)


Trevor Watson