Initial equality impact assessment screening form

This form records an equality screening process to determine the relevance of equality to a proposal, and a decision whether or not a full EIA would be appropriate or proportionate.



Community Development

Service area


Proposal being screened

Adoption of the Statement of Community involvement

Officer(s) carrying out screening

Steve Wilson

What are you proposing to do?

Following consultation on the Draft Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) the proposal is to adopt the finalised version of this document. The SCI is the strategy for how the council will consult and engage with people, communities and organisations on the preparation of the local plan and other planning policy documents.


The SCI also sets out how people, communities and organisations can become involved in other elements of the planning service including development management (the process for determining planning applications), enforcement (action taken against potential breaches of planning) and other related matters.

Why are you proposing this? What are the desired outcomes?

We are proposing to adopt the SCI for the day-to-day use in use in planning, both planning policy and the development management function. The adoption of an SCI is a legislative requirement set out in the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


The desired outcome is an adopted SCI that will clearly set out the basis for consultation and engagement in all areas of planning in the council. Without this document, it would prevent the progress of preparing and adopting the new local plan.

Does the proposal involve a significant commitment or removal of resources? Please give details.

The proposal does not remove resources.


Whilst there is a commitment to resources for the consultation and engagement with stakeholders this is simply an integral part of the local plan preparation process so does not commit to a resource commitment in and of its own right.


It is simply according with the mandatory and legislative requirements as set out in the Planning Act. It will commit the council to minimum levels of consultation and engagement in respect of the planning service, which must then be met. Such involvement is integral to delivering a ‘sound’ local plan that is both reflective of the local population’s requirements and supported by it.

Impact on people with any of the following protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010, or NYC’s additional agreed characteristics

As part of this assessment, please consider the following questions:

·       To what extent is this service used by particular groups of people with protected characteristics?

·       Does the proposal relate to functions that previous consultation has identified as important?

·       Do different groups have different needs or experiences in the area the proposal relates to?


If for any characteristic it is considered that there is likely to be an adverse impact or you have ticked ‘Don’t know/no info available’, then a full EIA should be carried out where this is proportionate. You are advised to speak to your Equality rep for advice if you are in any doubt.


Protected characteristic

Potential for adverse impact

Don’t know/No info available



















Sexual orientation




Gender reassignment




Religion or belief




Pregnancy or maternity




Marriage or civil partnership





People in rural areas




People on a low income




Carer (unpaid family or friend)




Does the proposal relate to an area where there are known inequalities/probable impacts (e.g. disabled people’s access to public transport)? Please give details.

The proposal relates to setting how engagement will function in respect of planning with all communities across North Yorkshire so whilst there are areas of inequalities across the county the proposal is not specific to or exclusive of them.

Will the proposal have a significant effect on how other organisations operate? (e.g. partners, funding criteria, etc.). Do any of these organisations support people with protected characteristics? Please explain why you have reached this conclusion.

The proposal will have no effect on how other organisations operate.


Decision (Please tick one option)

EIA not relevant or proportionate:




Continue to full EIA:



Reason for decision

This proposal, following consultation and alterations, to adopt a Statement of Community Involvement is a legislative requirement. The purpose of this document is to facilitate and set out how engagement and consultation will take place on local plan and planning application matters. The proposals do not set out measures that would prejudice the ability of certain groups (protected or not) from participating.


For example, whilst there is an ever-increasing push from Government for more digital focused services this should not be at the expense of groups who do not have access to or are incapable of using more technological means of communication. Whilst we (and the SCI) will embrace new forms of engagement including social media, the more traditional means of communication remain intact with interested parties able to receive written communication and send written responses.


As such, it is considered that the SCI, which is a document about fostering engagement across all sectors of society does not require a full Equality Impact Assessment.


It will be important to ensure that when engagement takes place on development plan documents that we seek to engage with a broad range of groups to ensure that any potential impacts on protected characteristics are fully considered. Equalities impact assessment will be embedded into the process of drafting development plan documents.


Signed (Assistant Director or equivalent)

Trevor Wilson


8 February 2024