North Yorkshire Council


Thirsk and Malton Area Constituency Committee


22 March 2024


Economic, Regeneration, Tourism and Transport Project Development Fund for the Area Constituency Committees


Report of the Corporate Director (Community Development)




1.1       For Members to consider all suggestions submitted in response to the call for project ideas under the Economic, Regeneration, Tourism and Transport Project Development Fund.




2.0       BACKGROUND        


2.1       At the meeting of North Yorkshire County Council on 22 February 2023 (Council Minute 83p), in respect of the 2023/24 Revenue Budget for North Yorkshire Council, it was resolved that, “£50k be provided annually for each Area Constituency Committee to commission works they feel appropriate for their local area”.


2.2       The purpose of the fund is to support activities that help to deliver the North Yorkshire Council ‘Council Plan’, Economic Growth Strategy, Destination Management Plan and other locally important plans and strategies. It aims to stimulate and directly support a pipeline of locally important economic, regeneration and tourism destination development projects that will benefit from existing and future funding and delivery opportunities (whether core or external funding) within the area covered by the respective Area Constituency Committee.


2.3       The scope of activity to be supported, within the purpose of the fund, is at the discretion of the specific Area Constituency Committee (ACC) but, could include:


§  activity to further develop locally important projects that would form part of a wider capital project pipeline including surveys, feasibility studies, outline or detailed design and market demand analysis. It can also fund business case development of locally important projects or contribute to the ongoing development of larger, major projects so the Council is well placed to secure funding (core or external) and to assist in developing grant-ready applications.


§  targeted contributions that add value to existing or planned physical regeneration or tourism activity and show tangible benefits to address a locally important issue or priority in that area.


2.4       The following chart outlines the process for the development, endorsement and approval of projects as detailed in the Economic, Regeneration, Tourism and Transport Project Development Fund Guidance Note (January 2024).






















3.1       An email request to Thirsk and Malton ACC Elected Members was issued on 6 February and again on 20 February for the submission of any ideas or proposals to utilise the 2023/24 £50,000 budget.  


3.2       All suggestions submitted are outlined in the table below.  Further detail has been collected from Members if required, and discussion undertaken with any relevant internal service to ascertain viability; this is summarised in the ‘Preliminary Investigations’ column, with a recommendation to Members alongside each proposed project idea.



Proposed Project


Supplementary Description / Comments

Preliminary Investigations

Recommend to Proceed

A.Crayke to Easingwold cycle path

A discussion was held with local representatives to ascertain further details.  It was confirmed that the current road route was inappropriate for cyclists due to the speed limit and width of the road, along with reduced visibility – data suggests 1500-1600 vehicles per day.  Potential to create a spur from existing Sustrans Route 65.

Discussions with the Transport team has confirmed this route has not been identified in any LCWIP or Active Travel long list.  According to NYC data Easingwold has a low baseline of cyclists but appreciating this view may be different on the ground.  Delivery of a 1.9mile route that would cost £m’s would be challenging to secure support for and demonstrate value for money.  Transport team will add to the to Active Travel Long List.

Initial feasibility would provide outline route suggestions, indicative costs and identify land ownership in order to determine longer term viability of the scheme.



B. Cycle path connecting Hunmanby and Filey


As per project title.

Discussion with the Transport team indicate that this route is not covered in the area’s LCWIP so wouldn’t usually be a priority, however we are aware that Sustrans are looking to realign the National Cycle Network Route 1 between Filey and Hunmanby.  There is potential for funding support for design and delivery in the future. Transport team will seek a cost for initial development.  Further discussions would be required with Sustrans.



C. Repair of Thirsk Market Place Footpaths


It is understood that previous repair work in this Conservation Area has been undertaken but this has replaced stone paving with tarmac.

Discussion with the former Hambleton area team has indicated that all required testing and design work has been completed – results are awaited which will give an indication of scheme cost, but this is expected to be significantly in excess of £50,000.

The Transport team confirmed the scheme had been removed from the Major Schemes pipeline however it has been added to the Maintenance list due to the nature of the work.



D. Thirsk and Filey Town Buses

Study of local bus services across the constituency, or a pilot for some new routes to “test the water”.  Sowerby to Thirsk / Thirsk Station, and Filey were both suggested locations.

Discussion with the Public Transport team has identified that work is already underway to investigate a Sowerby Gate/Village to Thirsk bus service so no further work is required at this time.  Some funding is available as a result of the development agreement.

Until 18 months ago a bus service operated in Filey.  Passenger numbers were low and following the end of the service, there was no interest from other local operators.  The team are working in the locality to help support a volunteer car scheme which will contribute towards meeting transport needs. 

At this time they have advised that no further work is required as a full Y&NY local transport review is expected through the new Mayor / MCA.




3.3       Consideration by Members of this is list and the identification of priority projects to progress to the full project scoping phase is being sought.  Those schemes selected to progress will undergo a more detailed project scoping process, with fully completed scoping forms returned to the June Thirsk and Malton ACC meeting for a final decision on the allocation of funds.


3.4       Further project ideas and suggestions for consideration will need to be gathered in order for Thirsk and Malton ACC to be in a strong position to allocate the 2024/25 budget.




4.1       The financial position of the budget allocated to the Thirsk and Malton ACC through the Economic, Regeneration, Tourism and Transport Project Development Fund is as detailed in the table below:


            Thirsk and Malton ACC Budget Allocation:




Budget Available (2023/24)


Value of projects approved to date


Balance of budget available


Balance of budget available if the above project is recommended to and, approved by the Corporate Director



4.2       At the time of preparing this report no funding has been formally allocated from this budget by the Thirsk and Malton ACC, however it is acknowledged that there is a separate agenda item in relation to a scheme seeking endorsement: the ‘Malton – Helmsley (via Hovingham and Kirkbymoorside) Active Travel Route Development’ scheme.  If approved as written, this would see £22,157 allocated from the £50,000 available in 2023/24, leaving £27,843 for allocation.


4.3       At the meeting of the 20 February 2024 (draft Minute 403.c) the Executive agreed the carry forward of any unallocated sums for each of the Area Constituency Committees into 2024/25 for one year only. This would mean (assuming the scheme referenced in 4.2 is approved), there would be £77,843 remaining unallocated in 2024/25.




5.1       Members of this Committee have been consulted throughout the process.




6.1       Members may choose not to progress any of the schemes outlined in this report and may choose to seek further suggestions from Elected Members or Officers.






7.1       There are no direct financial implications arising from the recommendations of this report.




8.1       There are no direct legal implications arising from the recommendations of this report.




9.1       There are no direct equality implications from the recommendations in this report.




10.1     There are no direct climate implications from the recommendations in this report.




11.1     To progress the allocation process of the Economic, Regeneration, Tourism and Transport Project Development Fund available to this Committee.





It is recommended that the Committee:



i)      considers whether they wish to progress any of the proposed schemes outlined above under the 2023/24 budget; 


ii)     issue a further call for potential schemes under the 2023/24 budget to Thirsk and Malton ACC members if no endorsements for the above listed projects are secured; and / or


iii)   issue a further call to Thirsk and Malton ACC members for potential schemes to continue to build a longlist of ideas for consideration under the 2024/25 budget. 




Nic Harne

Corporate Director – Community Development

County Hall


22 March 2024


Report Author – Amy Thomas, Economic Development Service Manager

Presenter of Report – Amy Thomas, Economic Development Service Manager


Note: Members are invited to contact the author in advance of the meeting with any detailed queries or questions.