ZE23-01660-MFUL Land off Daskett Hill, Sheriff Hutton - update


Dear Members,


Please see enclosed additional information for your consideration.


Main update


The LPA were advised that the originally proposed units are no longer available to the Applicant and they are assessing a different supplier. The LPA has advised that in this location, we would wish to secure the appearance of the units for full consideration prior to a decision being made. Amended plans are expected within a two week period and as such, Officers are seeking the deferral of this item until the June Committee.  


Further information to share:


Updated Yorkshire Water response dated 20th May 2024, confirming they are content with the detailed information on the most recent drainage plan, now they are seeking a compliance condition only to ensure works are undertaken in accordance with this drainage plan.

Updated Lead Local Flood Authority response dated 16th May 2024, confirming they are content with the submitted information on the most recent drainage plans, now they are also seeking a compliance condition.


Therefore, together with the Foss Internal Drainage Board, all drainage consultees are satisfied and recommend conditions.


3no. further consultation responses have been received from residents in Sheriff Hutton following the completion of the Committee Report. These are attached above.