Extension to contract for Integrated Community Equipment Service



REPORT TO Corporate Director of Health and Adult Services (HAS) in consultation with Executive Member for Public Health, Prevention and Supported Housing, including Sustainability and Transformation Plans.







To agree an extension to the Integrated Community Equipment Service. The current service commenced on 1 December 2016 with an expiry date of 30 November 2021, with potential to extend the current contract by 2 years.




The Integrated Community Equipment Service is commissioned jointly by NYCC (HAS & CYPS) and the Clinical Commissioning Groups which cover the geographical boundary of North Yorkshire


There is a risk that by not utilising the contract extension would result in the current contract ending, with partners being responsible for sourcing equipment individually, leading to over prescribing, lack of oversight of prescribing behaviour and additional costs. This is mitigated by extending the contract for 2 years so that future commissioning intentions may be agreed and the specification for the future service developed.  Also, Health and Adult Services (HAS) hopes to align a number of existing contracts, including Assistive Technology, into a single overarching contract. This will require detailed discussions with partner commissioners so that an approach, which is acceptable to all, can be progressed.


A change of provider at this stage would result in the ongoing development of systems and processes being halted and recommenced with a new provider, leading to delays in implementing positive change and efficiencies.  To date the service has been able to continue through the Covid-19 pandemic.  The longer-term effects on the global supply chain are currently unknown in terms of securing a new provider within the allocated budget for the service.


Partnership working has been positive throughout this contract term. Should the Council choose to move away from an integrated community equipment service there would be inefficiencies, both financially and practically, and ultimately a negative impact on people who require equipment. 


The cost of the service is demand led, based on assessment of equipment requirements to meet a person’s specific needs.  However, with regular monitoring of activity, supplies, catalogue items and recycling of equipment, where possible, the budget is closely scrutinised and increases in demand and budget pressures escalated as appropriate.


Commissioners will continue to monitor the existing contract and commence discussions to identify future requirements and a service specification.




Contract and Procurement Services have been consulted on the contract extension. The contract will be extended under Regulation 72 (1) (e) of the Public Contract Regulations 2015.

The current partnership approach has ensured that the governance of the contract has been robust and can continue to evolve to ensure the service continues to meet the needs of all parties. 

During the extension period work will commence on the re-procurement of the arrangements.




It is recommended that the Authority extend the Integrated Community Equipment Contract by 2 years from 30 November 2021.




Janine Tranmer

Head of Quality and Market Improvement




5 May 2021