North Yorkshire Local Access Forum


26 May 2021


District Council and LAF Project Updates


Report of the Secretary





Purpose of the Report



An opportunity for LAF members to update the Forum on District Council liaison and other LAF representative project activity since the last meeting.



2.0    Background


2.1    The LAF operates an agreed list of nominated representatives willing to act as the first point of liaison with the constituent District Councils in relation to planning and other relevant matters. Individual LAF members are also nominated from time to time to take a lead on specific projects that the LAF has an interest in or in representing the LAF on other partnership bodies.  Both are represented in the table below:




Will Scarlett

Craven District

Barrie Mounty

Selby District

Rachel Connelly

Hambleton District

Richmondshire District

A1 & A19

Roma Haigh

Ryedale District 


Paul Sherwood

NYCC Countryside Access Service User Group

Regional Access Forum A66

Helen Soutar

Harrogate District


County Councillor David Jeffels

Scarborough District

Regional Access Forum




 2.2   This agenda item provides an opportunity for the Forum to be updated on activity since the previous meeting.




3.0    District Council Liaison


3.1    The following updates have been provided by Rachel Connolly:

·       The impact of Covid on working-from-home has been very negative from the point of view of communication with all sec.94 bodies, particularly in Richmond.  It is disappointing that queries are seldom answered in time to be useful and in the case of Highways England it is now months since they promised to forward the update of suggested improvements for NMUs relating to the A1 upgrade.  Independent of the Forum I was approached for help in organising a user-survey of a stretch of the A66 that was dualled 15 years ago, which I hope will be useful when they come to decisions on the upgrading project in hand.  As you will be aware County Hall has not been able to make the definitive map and statements available to the public in the normal way likewise the county archive office.


3.2    The following updates have been provided by Roma Haigh:

·            Responded to consultation on “Statement of Community Involvement” - March 2021 ; 

·            In touch with the Ryedale Cycle Forum - work should have started on Malton to Pickering route but I can’t find details 

·            Attended Yorkshire Wolds Way zoom meeting in March 2021. The trail is in good condition and has seen increased usage over the lockdowns. District Council tourist partners fed back on their promotional activities. 

·            In touch with Ryedale Council who would be happy to meet once the coronavirus restrictions have been fully lifted. 


4.0    Other Updates


4.1    Nominated representatives are invited to report verbally on any other activity undertaken since the last meeting.






That members: 

i)     Note the updates;

ii)    Agree any further actions required




Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services)


County Hall



Report Author: Melanie Carr, Secretary to North Yorkshire Local Access Forum