North Yorkshire County Council

Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee

25 June 2021

Work Programme

1.0         Purpose of Report


1.1        This report invites Members to consider the committee’s work programme for 2020/21, taking into account the outcome of discussions on previous agenda items and any other developments taking place across the county.

1.2        The work programme schedule is attached at Appendix 1.


2.0         Scheduled Committee dates/Mid-Cycle Briefing dates

2.1         Committee Meetings        

·         Friday 3 September 2021 at 10am

·         Friday 10 December 2021 at 10am


Mid Cycle Briefing Dates

·         Friday 23 July 2021 at 10am

·         Friday 15 October 2021 at 10am

·         Friday 28 January 2022 at 10am

·         Friday 14 April 2022 at 10am


3.0         SACRE Annual Report


3.1         A number of members of this committee serve on the North Yorkshire Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education. At a recent SACRE meeting, its Annual Report for the School year 2019/20 was agreed for publication.

3.2         The report stands on its own - it needs no confirmation from any other body or committee of the council. The SACRE Chair and supporting officers wanted to raise awareness of the work SACRE does. The Annual Report was an ideal starting point and was therefore taken to a members’ briefing in May.

3.3         The SACRE chair and supporting officers explained :

·         Its work in advising the Local Authority on matters related to Religious Education and Collective Worship.

·         Its governance and constitution - how it relates to local authority and to schools

·         Background to Religious Education in North Yorkshire

·         Trends and what they mean  - A walk through the figures - prevalence in primary and secondary


3.4         The consensus of those present was that we might want to arrange a similar exercise again next year – possibly at a full committee meeting.  This would certainly raise awareness and the profile of SACRE, and it should allow for a more in-depth, informal discussion on matters relating to Religious Education. The overriding view of those present was that the investment the council makes in supporting SACRE is good value, especially as RE has a key role to play in encouraging a broad and meaningful understanding of different faiths and views.

3.5         So the informally agreed action coming out that meeting was:

·         Raising the profile – this committee take the Annual report next year, and the Chairman report the views expressed to the council as part of her statement. Having a slot in the members seminar programme was also suggested.


·         Scrutiny Work – should at some point the committee look at wider issues around community cohesion, in a county with not a great deal of racial diversity what role can RE play in community cohesion, promoting tolerance and tackling racism and hate crime. Asking such questions as: Has curriculum development kept pace with the academic and intellectual developments that might help pupils to make sense of our complex multi-religious and multi-secular society?


·         Joint working Opportunities – being alert to the benefits and opportunities of helping each other out on areas of mutual interest.


4.0         CYPS Financial Pressures


4.1         Can members please note that Howard Emmett, Assistant Director - Strategic Resources (CYPS), Integrated Finance (CSD) will now brief group spokespersons at their Mid Cycle Briefing on Friday 23 July 2021 at 10am

·         Update on the latest financial position in relation to local authority maintained schools

·         highlight the areas presenting with the most significant financial pressures facing CYPS.


4.2         The Chairman has agreed that an invite be extended to all committee members.


5.0         Recommendation


5.1        The Committee is asked to confirm, comment or add to the areas of work listed in the Work Programme schedule.




County Hall,



Author and Presenter of Report:   Ray Busby

Contact Details: Tel: 01609 532655


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