North Yorkshire County Council


21 July 2021


Transport, Economy and Environment

Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Chairman’s Statement


Mid cycle briefing – 1 June 2021


An open invite was made to all Members of the Committee to attend the mid-cycle briefing on 1 June 2021. 


We were appraised about the planned launch in July 2021 of the Demand

Responsive Bus Service (DRS) in the Ripon area.  We sought clarification that the service would not be in direct competition with commercial services and were informed that where a direct journey could be made on a commercial bus service, people would not be allowed to use the DRS.  We made various suggestions about how the DRS could be publicised.  Council staff will undertake a communications review four weeks after the launch of the services.


We were also provided with an overview about the government’s national bus strategy (‘Bus back better’).  The franchising and enhanced partnership options were discussed.  It was noted that an enhanced partnership option, as well as the franchising option, would help to reduce the number of instances of commercial bus services competing against each other in an inefficient way of running buses on the same route as each other at the same time.  The common goal with operators will be to increase patronage across services.  Of course, the challenge will be to change people’s mind-sets about buses not being fashionable to use.


Committee – 12 July 2021


This report went to print prior to the 12 July committee meeting.  However, I will be able to provide an update at Full Council should Members require.


The agenda items included:


Climate Change Assessments

A report on the climate change assessment requirements for inclusion in reports.

Active Travel

The implementation of Active Travel schemes in the county including the impacts on managing traffic congestion and promoting healthier lifestyles.


Review of North Yorkshire County Council’s 20mph Speed Limit


An update on the progress of implementing the committee’s recommendations arising from its review of the Council’s 20mph speed limit policy.



County Councillor Stanley Lumley


Transport, Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee

County Hall


6 July 2021