Contract for the provision of an Adult Carers and Young Carers Advice and Support Service



REPORT TO; Richard Webb in consultation with Stuart Carlton and HAS Exec Members


DECISION DATE: 13th August 2021


SUPPORTING ANNEX; This report includes a supporting Annex which contains exempt information as described in paragraphs 1, 3 and 5 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).




It is recommended that the Authority carry out an open procurement procedure combining the Adult Carers and Young Carers support service into one contractual mechanism.




There are currently eight contractual arrangements supporting Young Carers and Adult Carers across North Yorkshire. The contract’s overall purpose is to offer carers valuable assistance, enabling carers to seek advice, support and access assessments that are of benefit to them whilst signposting carers to relevant support services throughout North Yorkshire.

Due to the volume of contractual mechanisms, contract management can be difficult and the need to ensure that young carers can transition to adult carers seamlessly is vitally important. It is being proposed to combine the Adult carers and Young Carers contract into one contractual mechanism to ensure a consistent approach across the councils carers support. This could be delivered in the form of a single provider/consortia operating in all areas of North Yorkshire or for different providers/consortia delivering on a locality footprint.


The contracts offer support across the following localities:

-Hambleton & Richmond

- Scarborough & Ryedale

-Harrogate & Craven

- Selby




The contract will be procured in line with the Public Contract Regulations 2015.





It is recommended to carry out an open procurement for Adult Carers and Young Carers support service.