North Yorkshire County Council

Scarborough & Whitby Area Constituency Committee

17 September 2021


Work Programme for 2021/2022

1.0    Purpose of Report


1.1    The report asks Members to consider the Committee’s work programme for the remainder of the 2020/2021 municipal year shown at Annex A, and identify any additional items of business for future meetings.




2.0    Committee Remit


2.1    The Area Constituency Committees:


·           Act as a forum for Members to bring forward issues affecting their local Electoral Divisions

·           Hear andrespond to questions and statements from members of the public relating to anything affecting the community within the constituency area

·           Agree a Work Programme which lists items of business which the Committee wishes to consider at future meetings

·           Undertake meaningful scrutinyof local health issues within their constituency area, complementing the strategic work undertaken by the Scrutiny of Health Committee

·           Undertake meaningful scrutinyof local transport issues within their constituency area, complementing the strategic work undertaken by Transport, Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee

·           Act as consultees inmajor decisions that affect their constituency area (including responding to consultations)

·           Make recommendations onthe application of Innovation funding (supported by the Stronger Communities Team)

·           Develop a working relationship with the local MP, sharing updates and information on relevant local issues being addressed by the committee.


3.0    Work Programme


3.1   The draft work programme for the 2021/2022 municipal year is attached at Annex A for the Committee’s consideration.



4.0    Scheduled Committee Dates


4.1    The remaining meetings dates for this municipal year are shown in Annex A.  For the time being these meetings are scheduled to be held remotely via Microsoft TEAMs, but this may be subject to change.


5.0    Recommendation

5.1    Members are asked to consider, amend and adopt the Committee’s work programme for 2021/2022 shown at Annex A.





Melanie Carr

Principal Democratic Services & Scrutiny Officer

North Yorkshire County Council

Tel: (01609) 533849




Annex A – 2021/2022 Work Programme