17 November 2021




Care Market pressures and remedial action


·         Packages of care are being handed back to the Council to either re-source or find alternative solutions to keep people safe. This is putting significant pressure on and impacting our in-house provision as we try to find solutions for people or fill the gaps using staff from our services.  This is impacting our ability to provide reablement and respite services.  Complex care packages are being handed back at short notice alongside those requiring two carers or in more rural locations. In addition we are seeing care home providers withdraw from providing nursing care or withdraw completely from the market.

·         We are actively working with providers to support quality and sustainability as we navigate through these staffing shortages. We are about to launch a huge recruitment campaign with a focus on the career opportunities and diversity of a career in care. We are working with providers and partners to look at options and ideas to work more efficiently and promote people’s safety should we not manage to recruit more people to the sector.


Social Care Reform


·         The governments recent commitments published in September 2021 “Build Back Better – Our Plan for the NHS and Social Care” aims to introduce caps on care costs and makes changes to the thresholds for means-tested contributions.  In advance of this announcement on reforming adult social care we had two asks:

1.    To address unpredictable care cost for individuals and families

2.    To reform, stabilise and invest in the care market, so that people/councils actually have something to buy with their money and some choice.

·         Whilst I welcome the announcement, and recognise that it is a serious attempt to reform the system, in practice it only addresses the first ask.  I await proposals to address the second ask.


Care Settings


·         We are still seeing outbreaks of Covid-19 in care settings with care homes being impacted more than domiciliary care providers.  Around a quarter of care homes have outbreaks or infections amongst residents or staff.  This is despite vaccination rates being high.

·         We have provided a response to the mandatory vaccine consultation that ended in October to support the mandatory roll out of the C-19 vaccine across all of health and social care, for the duration of this pandemic. We did not support a proposal to mandate the flu vaccine across health and social care.


Planning ahead for Winter



Integration with the NHS


·         Work continues to move the two Integrated Care Systems (Humber Coast & Vale for most of North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire for Craven) onto a statutory footing from April 2022.

·         Announcements of the appointments to the positions of Chair and Chief Executive for the two ICSs should have been made by the time of the council meeting, and I have been asked to work up proposals on how the Integrated Care Partnership for Humber Coast & Vale should operate.