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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
LB84-2022 Webster / Bedale ref: 186706/08/202216/08/20220
LB83-2022 Warneken / Ouseburn ref: 186606/08/202216/08/20220
LB82-2022 Thompson / North Richmondshire ref: 186506/08/202216/08/20220
LB73-2022 Colling / Falsgrave and Stepney ref: 185606/08/202216/08/20220
LB72-2022 Burr / Malton ref: 185506/08/202216/08/20220
LB71-2022 Baker / Hillside and Raskelf ref: 185406/08/202216/08/20220
LB70-2022 Baker / Hillside and Raskelf ref: 185306/08/202216/08/20220
LB69-2022 Arthur / Cliffe and North Duffield ref: 185206/08/202216/08/20220
Procurement of a two year Microsoft Licencing Solution Partner contract ref: 185105/08/202213/08/20220
Marage Path - Award of Contract ref: 185011/07/202211/07/2022Not for call-in
West Harlsey Culvert - Award of Contract ref: 184911/07/202211/07/2022Not for call-in
Consents granted to District and Borough Councils regarding the Direction issued under Section 24 ref: 184801/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
Review of Extra Care Provision ref: 184725/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
LB68-2022 Peacock / Upper Dales ref: 184629/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
LB67-2022 Noland / Skipton North and Embsay-with-Eastby ref: 184529/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
LB66-2022 Harrison / Killinghall, Hampsthwaite & Saltergate ref: 184429/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
LB65-2022 Harrison / Killinghall, Hampsthwaite & Saltergate ref: 184329/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
LB64-2022 R Foster / Wharfedale ref: 184229/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
LB63-2022 R Foster / Wharfedale ref: 184129/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
LB62-2022 Broadbent / Northstead ref: 184029/07/202206/08/2022Call-in expired
Grant applications and acceptances for funding from government departments to York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership ref: 183929/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
Procurement of Interactive Panels including installation for Schools ref: 183828/07/202205/08/2022Call-in expired
Hawes Rope Makers - Award of Contract ref: 183723/05/202223/05/2022Not for call-in
Limehouse Lane Culvert Strengthening - Award of Contract ref: 183620/09/202120/09/2021Not for call-in
Supply of 3No GRP Footbridges to NYCC - Award of Contract ref: 183521/06/202221/06/2022Not for call-in
Gray Bridge Maintenance Works 2022 - Award of Contract ref: 183411/11/202111/11/2021Not for call-in
Intack Bridge Maintenance Works 2022 - Award of Contract ref: 183320/05/202220/05/2022Not for call-in
Consents granted to District and Borough Councils regarding the Direction issued under Section 24 ref: 183222/07/202230/07/2022Call-in expired
LB61-2022 Thompson / North Richmondshire ref: 183119/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB60-2022 Thompson / North Richmondshire ref: 183019/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB59-2022 Thompson / North Richmondshire ref: 182919/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB58-2022 Sanderson / Thornton Dale and Wolds ref: 182819/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB57-2022 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 182719/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB56-2022 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 182619/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB55-2022 K Foster / Hipswell and Colburn ref: 182519/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB54-2022 Chance / Danby and Mulgrave ref: 182420/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
LB53-2022 Chance / Danby and Mulgrave ref: 182320/07/202228/07/2022Call-in expired
Procurement of Special Educational Needs Home to School Transport (7 schools) (including some miscellaneous routes) ref: 182219/07/202227/07/2022Call-in expired
LB51-2022 Warneken / Ouseburn ref: 182114/07/202227/07/2022Call-in expired
LB52-2022 Baker / Hillside and Raskelf ref: 182014/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB50-2022 Thompson / North Richmondshire ref: 181815/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB49-2022 Taylor / Huby and Tollerton ref: 181714/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB48-2022 Sharma / Newby ref: 181614/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB47-2022 Sharma / Newby ref: 181514/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB46-2022 Sedgwick / Leyburn and Middleham ref: 181415/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB45-2022 Ritchie / Woodlands ref: 181314/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB44-2022 Poskitt / Tadcaster ref: 181215/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB43-2022 Lunn / Thorpe Willoughby and Hambleton ref: 181114/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB42-2022 Harrison / Killinghall, Hampsthwaite & Saltergate ref: 181014/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB41-2022 K Foster / Hipswell and Colburn ref: 180914/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB40-2022 Dickinson / Northallerton South ref: 180814/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB39-2022 Dadd / Thirsk ref: 180715/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB38-2022 Dadd / Thirsk ref: 180615/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB37-2022 Chance / Danby and Mulgrave ref: 180512/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB36-2022 Bastiman / Scalby and the Coast ref: 180414/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
LB35-2022 Baker / Hillside and Raskelf ref: 180315/07/202226/07/2022Call-in expired
Woodland Creation Accelerator Fund (WCAF) Bid ref: 180201/07/202201/07/2022Not for call-in
Award a construction contract for the remodelling of accommodation to form SEN provision at The Skipton Academy ref: 180118/07/202218/07/2022Not for call-in
Re-procurement or In-sourcing of Shared Lives Scheme ref: 180005/07/202205/07/2022Not for call-in
Procurement of Grounds Maintenance Services for the Harrogate, Craven and Selby areas ref: 179906/07/202221/07/2022Call-in expired
Procurement of Home to School and Local Bus Transport Contracts in Hambleton, Selby, Scarborough and some Miscellaneous areas ref: 179824/06/202216/07/2022Call-in expired
Extension of YorBus Pilot Scheme ref: 179724/06/202224/06/2022Not for call-in
LB34-2022 Randerson / Eastfield ref: 179607/07/202215/07/2022Call-in expired
LB33-2022 Randerson / Eastfield ref: 179507/07/202215/07/2022Call-in expired
LB32-2022 Paraskos / Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale & Tockwith ref: 179407/07/202215/07/2022Call-in expired
LB31-2022 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 179307/07/202215/07/2022Call-in expired
LB30-2022 Jeffels / Derwent Valley and the Moor ref: 179207/07/202215/07/2022Call-in expired
LB29-2022 Cattanach / Cawood and Escrick ref: 179107/07/202215/07/2022Call-in expired