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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Consultancy Support for the LGR work ref: 106714/09/202114/09/2021Not for call-in
School funding proposals for the 2022/23 financial year. ref: 106214/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
LB160-2021 Locality Budgets – Swiers / Filey ref: 106115/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
LB159-2021 Scott / Harrogate, Bilton & Nidd Gorge ref: 106015/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
LB158-2021 Locality Budgets – Mulligan / Airedale ref: 105915/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
LB157-2021 Locality Budgets – McCartney / Osgoldcross ref: 105815/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
LB156-2021 Locality Budgets – Mackay / Tadcaster ref: 105715/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
LB155-2021 Locality Budgets – Lumley / Pateley Bridge ref: 105615/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
LB154-2021 Locality Budgets – Arthur / Selby Barlby ref: 105515/09/202123/09/2021Call-in expired
Q1 Budget Monitoring Report ref: 105414/09/202114/09/2021Not for call-in
Development of Adult Social Care Provider Services ref: 105214/09/202122/09/2021Call-in expired
Healthy Child Programme - Emotional Health and Wellbeing ref: 105314/09/202122/09/2021Call-in expired
Minutes of the meeting of the Richmond ACC held on 9 June 2021 ref: 105113/09/202121/09/2021Call-in expired
Bilsdale Transmitter – Concerns of Richmond ACC ref: 105013/09/202121/09/2021Call-in expired
Implementation of Section 31 Grant ref: 96318/07/202118/07/2021Not for call-in
Low Faggergill & Wood House Footbridge Replacement Works - Award of Contract ref: 104910/09/202110/09/2021Not for call-in
LB153-2021 Locality Budgets – Swiers / Filey ref: 104808/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
LB152-2021 Locality Budgets – Randerson / Eastfield and Osgodby ref: 104708/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
LB151-2021 Locality Budgets – Pearson, Clive / Esk Valley ref: 104608/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
LB150-2021 Locality Budgets – Lunn / Selby Brayton ref: 104508/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
LB149-2021 Locality Budgets – Hugill / North Hambleton ref: 104408/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
LB148-2021 Locality Budgets – Hugill / North Hambleton ref: 104308/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
LB147-2021 Locality Budgets – Heseltine / Skipton East ref: 104208/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
LB146-2021 Locality Budgets – Goode / Knaresborough ref: 104108/09/202116/09/2021Call-in expired
Automated Highway Asset Survey Software - Award of Contract ref: 104026/08/202126/08/2021Not for call-in
Appointment to Outside Body ref: 103824/08/202124/08/2021Not for call-in
Department for Transport Capability Fund 2021/2022 ref: 103631/08/202131/08/2021Not for call-in
Highways Capital Programme 2022/23 - Approval of Schemes ref: 103720/08/202131/08/2021Call-in expired
Nidderdale Greenway Extension ref: 103420/08/202120/08/2021Not for call-in
Automated Highway Asset Data Collection and Processing Contract ref: 103320/08/202109/09/2021Call-in expired
LB145-2021 Locality Budgets – Sedgwick / Middle Dales ref: 103227/08/202107/09/2021Call-in expired
LB144-2021 Locality Budgets – Plant / Whitby Streonshalh ref: 103127/08/202107/09/2021Call-in expired
LB143-2021 Locality Budgets – Hobson / Sherburn in Elmet ref: 103027/08/202107/09/2021Call-in expired
Continued Use of DfT Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations 2000 (PSVAR) Exemptions ref: 101620/08/202120/08/2021Not for call-in
Restricted Byway No 15.113/16 & Footpath No 15.113/12 Roecliffe - Modification Order 2021 ref: 101520/08/202120/08/2021Not for call-in
Elective Home Education Policy Statement ref: 101324/08/202104/09/2021Call-in expired
Extension of Insurance and Claims Handling Contract for 18 months from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2023 ref: 101023/08/202104/09/2021Call-in expired
Acceptance of additional funding for the Digital Infrastructure Programme ref: 100919/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB142-2021 Locality Budgets – Quinn / Mid Craven ref: 100823/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB141-2021 Locality Budgets – Parsons / Richmond ref: 100723/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB140-2021 Locality Budgets – Mulligan / Airedale ref: 100623/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB139-2021 Locality Budgets – McCartney / Osgoldcross ref: 100523/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB138-2021 Locality Budgets – Martin / Ripon South ref: 100423/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB136-2021 Locality Budgets – Haslam / Harrogate Bilton & Nidd Gorge ref: 100223/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB135-2021 Locality Budgets – Griffiths / Stokesley ref: 100123/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB134-2021 Locality Budgets – Arthur / Selby Barlby ref: 100023/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB133-2021 Locality Budgets – Arnold / Kirkbymoorside ref: 99923/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
LB137-2021 Locality Budgets – Lumley / Pateley Bridge ref: 100323/08/202102/09/2021Call-in expired
Opposed Footpath No 05.22/1, Leys Barn, Glusburn Moor Diversion Order 2021 ref: 99714/06/202114/06/2021Not for call-in
Opposed Bridleway No 15.29/78 and Restricted Byway 15.29/79 Heyshaw to Lanes Foot Road, Dacre - Modification Order 2020 ref: 99614/06/202114/06/2021Not for call-in
Highways Capital Programme 2021/22 - Additional Schemes ref: 99423/07/202123/07/2021Not for call-in
West Harrogate - National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) Scheme - Award of Contract ref: 99311/08/202111/08/2021Not for call-in
Procurement process required to establish a new contract for the Supply of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, and Dairy Products including Cheese ref: 99223/08/202101/09/2021Call-in expired
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) ref: 99115/08/202115/08/2021Not for call-in
Proposed Waiting Restrictions - Malham Village ref: 99523/07/202123/07/2021Not for call-in
Opposed Modification Order to add Restricted Byways to the Definitive Map at Stonebeck Up, Fountains Earth and Ilton-Cum-Pott ref: 99814/06/202114/06/2021Not for call-in
Award of a construction contract for internal refurbishment works at Selby North Children’s Centre ref: 99018/08/202118/08/2021Not for call-in
LB132-2021 Locality Budgets – Windass / Boroughbridge ref: 98916/08/202125/08/2021Call-in expired
LB131-2021 Locality Budgets – Pearson / Esk Valley ref: 98816/08/202125/08/2021Call-in expired
LB130-2021 Locality Budgets – Pearson / Esk Valley ref: 98716/08/202125/08/2021Call-in expired
LB129-2021 Locality Budgets – Peacock / Upper Dales ref: 98616/08/202125/08/2021Call-in expired
LB128-2021 Locality Budgets – Musgrave / Escrick ref: 98516/08/202125/08/2021Call-in expired
Home from Hospital ref: 98413/08/202124/08/2021Call-in expired
Contract for the provision of the Adult Carers Service and Young Carers Support and Advice ref: 98313/08/202124/08/2021Call-in expired
Re-procurement of Advocacy Services ref: 98213/08/202124/08/2021Call-in expired
C8/2020/1338/CPO – Planning application for replacement and upgrade of local infrastructure to reduce impact from local sewage flooding. on land at Yorkshire Water Sewage Pumping Station, Main Street, Colton, Tadcaster on behalf of Yorkshire Water ref: 98116/08/202116/08/2021Not for call-in
Home to School Transport Appeal ref: 98016/08/202116/08/2021Not for call-in