Forthcoming Decisons

Forthcoming Decisons
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Purchase of cleaning and janitorial goods05/05/2021For Determination04/06/2021
Proposal by the Governors of Danby CE Primary School to change the category of Danby CE Primary School from voluntary controlled to voluntary aided from 16th September 2021.30/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Funding Bid for DfT Traffic Signals Maintenance Award Programme04/05/2021UrgentFor Determination06/05/2021
Appointments to Outside Bodies27/04/2021For Determination25/05/2021
Adult Learning and Skills Service Fees Strategy 2021-2227/04/2021For Determination11/05/2021
Highway Development Service - Project and Construction - S278 Agreement - Kingsley Road, Harrogate27/04/2021For Determination21/05/2021
Highway Development Service – Design and Construction Project - S278 Agreement - Colburndale27/04/2021For Determination21/05/2021
Procurement of Replacement Case Management systems for Education, Adult Social Care and Children's Social Care, Youth Justice and NEET05/03/2021For Determination05/05/2021
Submission of North Yorkshire project applications to UK Community Renewal Fund26/03/2021For Determination08/06/2021
Schools Condition Capital Programme 2021/2222/04/2021For Determination08/06/2021
Equality Objectives 2021-202521/04/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Annual Winter Gritting Route Review16/04/2021For Determination20/08/2021
Flood Risk Management Work Programme Update16/04/2021For Determination21/05/2021
Carbon Reduction Plan16/04/2021For Determination06/07/2021
Extension to Community Equipment Contract30/03/2021For Determination14/05/2021
Active Travel Fund Consultation – Recommendations and next steps09/04/2021For Determination21/05/2021
Procurement of fuel card provision for NYCC vehicles09/04/2021For Determination11/05/2021
Provision of radio aids, associated equipment and maintenance13/04/2021For Determination20/05/2021
Approved provider list for school locality boards across North Yorkshire13/04/2021For Determination25/05/2021
Holiday Activity and Food Programme09/04/2021For Determination08/06/2021
Transforming Cities Fund Programme Proposals01/04/2021For Determination25/05/2021
Council Plan 2022-202630/03/2021For Determination17/02/2022
Council Plan 2022-202630/03/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Equality and Diversity Policy Statement30/03/2021For Determination21/07/2021
Equality and Diversity Policy Statement30/03/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Parental Leave Policy for Councillors26/03/2021For Determination21/07/2021
Draft Parental Leave Policy for Councillors26/03/2021For Determination22/06/2021
School term and holiday dates 2022/2316/03/2021For Determination25/05/2021
Adult Learning and Skills Service Fees 2021/2216/03/2021For Determination11/05/2021
Future Commissioning of the Council's Oracle E-Business Suite Support02/03/2021For Determination28/05/2021
Consideration of experimental traffic restrictions for Whitby swing bridge and adjacent streets26/02/2021For Determination24/09/2021
Establishment of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to procure passenger transport services across North Yorkshire26/02/2021For Determination21/05/2021
Construction of Scarborough Junction N,A170 - Contract Award26/02/2021For Determination16/05/2021
Amendments to Council Constitution26/02/2021For Determination21/07/2021
Extension of the Public Health Pharmacy Provider List26/02/2021For Determination14/05/2021
Extension of the Public Heath GP Provider List26/02/2021For Determination14/05/2021
Home from Hospital26/02/2021For Determination11/06/2021
Re-procurement or in-sourcing of Shared Lives Scheme19/02/2021For Determination09/07/2021
A59 Kex Gill Diversion Contract Award09/02/2021For Determination06/07/2021
Consideration of whether to end, amend, continue or make permanent the experimental traffic restrictions for Whitby Swing Bridge and adjacent streets17/02/2021For Determination24/09/2021
Contract for the provision of Therapeutic Support to Adopters and Adoptees17/02/2021For Determination10/06/2021
Highways Capital Programme 2022/23 - Approval of Schemes17/02/2021For Determination23/07/2021
Contract for the provision of the Adult Carers Service and Young Carers Support and Advice17/02/2021For Determination13/08/2021
Procurement of an intermediate pilot for short term care beds09/02/2021For Determination11/06/2021
Draft Revenue Budget 2022/23 & Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)09/02/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Q2 Performance Monitoring & Budget Report09/02/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Q1 Performance Monitoring & Budget Report09/02/2021For Determination24/08/2021
Q4 Performance Monitoring & Budget Report09/02/2021For Determination25/05/2021
0-19 Healthy Child Section 75 Agreement - Consultation Feedback & Approval to move to a Partnership Model09/02/2021For Determination08/06/2021
The expansion of Barlby School requires a variation to the PFI Contract dated 30 March 2001 between NYCC and the school provider09/02/2021For Determination06/07/2021
Redeployment of land to the north and south of Crosshills Lane, Selby09/02/2021For Determination08/06/2021
Amendments to Council Constitution09/02/2021For Determination08/06/2021
Minerals and Waste Joint Plan Adoption09/02/2021For Determination21/07/2021