Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Highways Capital Programme - Additional Schemes11/04/2022For Determination26/08/2022
Outdoor Learning Service07/03/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Creation of a wholly owned Council company providing ICT and connectivity services23/12/2021For Determination19/07/2022
A North Yorkshire Investment Plan for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund18/05/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Procurement of Home to School and Local Bus Transport Contracts in Hambleton, Selby, Scarborough and some Miscellaneous areas18/05/2022For Determination24/06/2022
NDR (Business Rates) Discretionary Relief Policy16/05/2022For Determination20/07/2022
NDR (Business Rates) Discretionary Relief Policy16/05/2022For Determination05/07/2022
Council Tax Discounts & Premiums Policy16/05/2022For Determination20/07/2022
Council Tax Discounts & Premiums Policy16/05/2022For Determination05/07/2022
Council Tax Reduction Scheme16/05/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Council Tax Reduction Scheme16/05/2022For Determination18/10/2022
Council Tax Reduction Scheme16/05/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Extension of YorBus Pilot Scheme10/05/2022For Determination24/06/2022
Decision on whether to proceed with a Community Governance Review04/05/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Decision on whether to proceed with a Community Governance Review04/05/2022For Determination19/07/2022
County Tax Reduction Scheme04/05/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Council Tax Reduction Consultation04/05/2022For Determination08/11/2022
Director of Public Health Annual Report - Learning from Covid-1903/05/2022For Determination18/10/2022
Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy28/04/2022For Determination20/07/2022
Allocation of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) Surplus28/04/2022For Determination22/07/2022
Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy28/04/2022For Determination05/07/2022
Ethical Decision Making Framework Review14/04/2022For Determination20/09/2022
Consideration of proposed amendments to the Council’s Constitution21/04/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Consideration of proposed amendments to the Council’s Constitution for recommendation to full Council21/04/2022For Determination20/09/2022
Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report 2021/22 - A review of the work of overview and scrutiny committees in 2021/22 and looking ahead to the work that will be undertaken in 2022/2319/04/2022For Determination20/07/2022
Property Consultancy Services Contract07/04/2022For Determination05/08/2022
Q3 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report28/03/2022For Determination21/02/2023
Q2 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report28/03/2022For Determination29/11/2022
Revenue Budget 2023/24 and Medium Term Financial Strategy28/03/2022For Determination24/01/2023
To consider North Yorkshire Council's Revenue Budget 2023/24 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)28/03/2022For Determination15/02/2023
North Yorkshire Council Flood Risk Management Strategy28/03/2022For Determination16/11/2022
North Yorkshire Council Flood Risk Management Strategy28/03/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Review of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Provision: proposals to change provision at Brompton Hall School28/02/2022For Determination08/11/2022
Review of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Provision: proposals to change provision at Brompton Hall School28/02/2022For Determination20/09/2022
S75 Agreements for Harrogate and Rural Alliance11/02/2022For Determination20/09/2022
S75 Agreements for Harrogate and Rural Alliance11/02/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Q1 Performance Monitoring and Budget report04/02/2022For Determination23/08/2022
Contract for electricity supply from the 1st April 202310/01/2022For Determination01/08/2022
Contract Extensions or new Framework Contracts for the provision of Property Hard Facilities Management Services23/12/2021For Determination30/09/2022
Approval of Revised Planning Enforcement and Monitoring Policy17/12/2021For Determination20/07/2022
Adoption of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Strategy26/11/2021For Determination16/11/2022
Recommend to Council to implement the Local Area SEND Strategy26/11/2021For Determination23/08/2022
Re-procurement or in-sourcing of Shared Lives Scheme19/02/2021For Determination05/07/2022
Dementia care facility in Harrogate16/08/2021For Determination23/08/2022
Redeployment of land to the north and south of Crosshills Lane, Selby09/02/2021For Determination20/09/2022
A59 Kex Gill Diversion Contract Award09/02/2021For Determination19/07/2022
Care market proposals for South Craven01/10/2021For Determination23/08/2022
Expansion of Greatwood Community Primary and Nursery School, Skipton (Northern Star Academies Trust)20/09/2021For Determination16/09/2022
The expansion of Barlby School requires a variation to the PFI Contract dated 30 March 2001 between NYCC and the school provider09/02/2021For Determination09/08/2022