Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
North Yorkshire Climate Change Strategy Consultation Draft for approval and consideration of York and North Yorkshire Routemap to Carbon Negative27/09/2022For Determination17/01/2023
Proposal to close Skelton Newby Hall Church of England VC, Primary School, Ripon23/11/2022UrgentFor Determination13/12/2022
Devolution21/10/2022For Determination14/02/2023
Community Networks14/10/2022For Determination21/02/2023
Closure proposal for Hovingham CE VC Primary School07/11/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Extension of some Home to School and Local Bus Services Contracts in the Harrogate, Richmondshire and Hambleton areas23/11/2022For Determination20/01/2023
Consider the adoption of the Parish Charter23/11/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Consider the proposal to consult on the Parish Charter23/11/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Consider the outcome of the consultation on the Taxi Licensing Policy and Conditions23/11/2022For Determination10/01/2023
Mainstream Schools and Special School Budgets23/11/2022For Determination10/01/2023
Independent Remuneration Panel Recommendations for 2023/24 (Member Allowances) - To make recommendation to Full Council21/11/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Consultancy Services for further LGR financial systems related work.21/11/2022UrgentFor Determination19/12/2022
Title: Contract for electricity supply to commence from the 1st April 202418/11/2022For Determination01/06/2023
Contract for gas supply from the 1st April 202518/11/2022For Determination01/09/2023
Managing Adult Social Care Pressures17/11/2022For Determination10/01/2023
Consideration of the building condition at Welburn Hall school and potential remedial plans16/11/2022For Determination13/12/2022
Community Governance Reviews relating to the unparished town centres in Harrogate and Scarborough16/11/2022For Determination10/01/2023
The Rural England Prosperity Fund11/11/2022UrgentFor Determination29/11/2022
Recommendations of the Member Working Group on Licensing11/11/2022For Determination13/12/2022
Report of the Member Working Group on Planning11/11/2022For Determination13/12/2022
The purchasing of ambient foods10/11/2022For Determination08/12/2022
Contract for Liquid Fuel - Heating Oil10/11/2022For Determination03/03/2023
Contract Extensions or new Framework Contracts for the provision of Property Hard Facilities Management Services07/11/2022For Determination23/02/2023
Dementia Support and Advice Service Contract Extension07/11/2022For Determination13/01/2023
Arrangements for the appointment of the external auditor from 2023/2410/11/2022For Determination22/02/2023
LGSCO Public Report – Investigation into a Complaint about NYCC10/11/2022For Determination29/11/2022
Caedmon College, Whitby - targeted mainstream provision.24/06/2022For Determination06/12/2022
Interim Assurance Process and Scope for Brownfield and Net Zero Funding28/10/2022For Determination30/11/2022
Community Mental Health Services Contract28/10/2022For Determination10/03/2023
Assistive Technology Contract28/10/2022For Determination13/01/2023
Devolution21/10/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Expansion of Greatwood Community Primary & Nursery School, Skipton (Northern Star Academies Trust)24/06/2022For Determination15/12/2022
Admission Arrangements 2024/202517/10/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Admission Arrangements 2024/202517/10/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Chief Officer Appointment Approvals14/10/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Armed Forces Covenant07/10/2022For Determination07/02/2023
Proposed extra care housing scheme20/09/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Discretionary Council Tax Relief - Section 13A Policy27/09/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Capital Funding request to purchase property within North Yorkshire31/08/2022UrgentFor Determination29/11/2022
The Annual Report of the Pension Board12/09/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Annual Report of the Audit Committee07/09/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Varying the existing contract for a Service Management System02/09/2022For Determination05/12/2022
Annual Report of the Standards Committee07/09/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Local Area SEND Strategy Adoption27/06/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Annual complaints report29/07/2022For Determination29/11/2022
Approval of consultation with Town and Parish Council on the draft Parish Charter for the new Council01/08/2022For Determination10/01/2023
Council Tax Harmonisation01/08/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Recommendations regarding Motions on Climate Change27/07/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Review of Leisure Services30/05/2022For Determination13/12/2022
Outdoor Learning Service07/03/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Creation of a wholly owned Council company providing ICT and connectivity services23/12/2021For Determination07/02/2023
Confirm Statutory Instrument to create Combined Authority14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Policy Framework approval of Key Policies14/06/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Agree creation of Mayoral Combined Authority subject to consultation responses14/06/2022For Determination13/12/2022
Appointment to District Companies and Outside Bodies14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
To consider a Housing Strategy and relevant HRA matters14/06/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Taxi Licensing Policy and Conditions14/06/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Approval of Customer Service Standards and Policies14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Council Pay Policy14/06/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Council Pay Policy - To make recommendation to Full Council14/06/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Independent Remuneration Panel Recommendations for 2023/24 (Member Allowances)14/06/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Approval of new Constitution14/06/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Approval of New Constitution for North Yorkshire Council and Delegation to Chief Executive Officer of transitional powers to approve internal operational policies during transitional period of local government reorganisation14/06/2022For Determination17/01/2023
Pilots town/parish councils who have additional powers and responsibilities for the unitary council14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Council Plan for the new council30/05/2022For Determination22/02/2023
Council Plan for the new Council - To make recommendation to Full Council30/05/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Council Tax Reduction Scheme16/05/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Decision on whether to proceed with a Community Governance Review04/05/2022For Determination17/05/2023
Consideration of proposed amendments to the Council’s Constitution21/04/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Property Consultancy Services Contract07/04/2022For Determination27/01/2023
Q3 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report28/03/2022For Determination21/02/2023
Q2 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report28/03/2022For Determination29/11/2022
Revenue Budget 2023/24 and Medium Term Financial Strategy - To make recommendation to Full Council28/03/2022For Determination24/01/2023
To consider North Yorkshire Council's Revenue Budget 2023/24 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)28/03/2022For Determination22/02/2023
North Yorkshire Council Flood Risk Management Strategy28/03/2022For Determination16/11/2022
Future arrangements for the Harrogate and Rural Alliance11/02/2022For Determination18/04/2023
Future arrangements for the Harrogate and Rural Alliance11/02/2022For Determination07/02/2023
Harrogate Development16/08/2021For Determination07/02/2023
Redeployment of land to the north and south of Crosshills Lane, Selby09/02/2021For Determination21/03/2023
Care market proposals for South Craven01/10/2021For Determination21/03/2023